Easter Crafting-Quick and Easy

easter dish 1

So I am not much of a crafter.  After numerous epic failures, I usually stick to sewing which I am much better at.  It is the week before Easter and I was not feeling very Eastery (is that even a word?)  None of the kids will be coming home this year so I shipped little Easter goodies to […]

Woman’s Wanderer Tunic Pattern

Woman's Wanderer Tunic PDF pattern

Anyone else notice that tunics are super hot in the woman’s patterns lately? I’ve made a couple so I thought I would share one with you today. This is my woman’s wanderer tunic, and yes it is totally unhemmed in these pictures (whistles). I swear it’s hemmed now.

Dressing Dolly, a wardrobe starts

doll clothes 3

Those of you who have followed us for a while know that we mostly sew and design children’s clothing.  We like things that are easy to wash and wear,  designs that are classic but with a twist that makes them look like today.  Sometimes we are presented with an opportunity to do something a little […]

Grown Up Thumbs Up Release and Sale!

Grown Up Thumbs Up promo Collage

It’s here!  We are excited to introduce our first woman’s pattern today, the Grown Up Thumbs Up Tee and Tunic pattern! The Grown Up Thumbs Up is a relaxed fit knit top great for every day wear. It features a two piece sleeve for color blocking options, and the testers’ favorite feature thumb hole cuffs!

Pattern Hack: Izzy with Long Sleeves

izzy pattern

Climbing the Willow has a free pattern,  The Izzy has been all over the Facebook sewing pages.  I am sure that almost every mom sewing for a little girl has made at least one.  Well we have made several.  You can see our examples HERE.  In case you have not seen it, the Izzy is a […]

How to add a Thumb hole cuff to any shirt

Add a thumb hole cuff to any shirt

Thumb hole cuffs are addictive. You’ve been warned, you’re going to want to add these to all of your shirts.

Katie Dress: GreenStyle Creations

katie full

Today I am excited to share with you the new pattern by GreenStyle Creations.  The Katie Dress , releasing today, is a slim fitting knit dress with an unusual twist.  The bodice is made up of two pieces, the one gathered onto the other.  It does beautiful things to you!  Generally speaking, I do not […]

Free Pattern and Tutorial: Library Bag

library bag 1

Books have always been very important in our home.  Nighttime ritual included stories before bed.   Our kids spent a fair amount of time in libraries both at school and in the community.  The day care we used was very close to the library and one day a week during the summer break they would […]

Wash, Wrinkle, Wear: Butler Britches

Butler Britches PDF Pattern

I don’t iron laundry on the regular- it’s true. Ironing laundry consists of a hearty shake most days. It’s not that I dislike ironing it’s just- ain’t nobody got time for that. Hey here is the good news. These pants have been loved worn and washed before I had the chance to take pictures!

Sewing Room Share, Donna’s Space

sewing room cubes

It’s February!  We are experiencing the coldest weather of the season.  In other parts of the country the winter has been mild and beautiful.  I am not sure about you, but this always seems like a good time to organize, clean and update.   We have decided to take this opportunity to do a little blog […]