Kipper Capris- A Free Pattern Review

kipper capris

In our effort to work through a pinterest board of free patterns we are bringing you a review of  the Kipper Capris by Hayley of Welcome to the Mouse House.  This pattern was released a bit back, Hayley provides it in a size 4 which works well for M this summer. There are even 2 versions.  One with a […]

Small Projects for Cold Winter Days

crocheted dishcloths

Choosing a Project Sometimes at the end of a busy day, I just want a project that will  not be too brain draining.  With the ridiculous cold snap that we have been experiencing, I like to work with yarn.  I have many projects in the works currently…..well that is not really any different than usual. […]

Trapper Hat, adventures in faux fur

Trapper hat pattern

This is my kids favorite winter hat. They fight over it. Though I think M may finally have come out victorious as claiming it as her own. I’m going to disclaimer this as saying this hat is WORN, so some aspects have less than the out-of-the-box look to them. But that is what the stuff […]

Quick No Sew Memory Ornaments

No Sew Ornament

Since I brought my first destroyer of decorations and home decor home from the hospital I haven’t done a lot of decorating at the holidays. But now that everyone has a tiny bit more impulse control we’ve been taking out more and more things. I do, however, stick to things that are relatively unbreakable. We […]

Easy Christmas Table Runner

Easy Scrap quilted table runner

Scrap Quilted Table Runner I was looking for a pattern for a quick table runner to make up as a gift for my sister whose birthday is just before Christmas.  I love the look and feel of changing out table runners or table decor in general to match the season.   The years when the kids […]

These pants are too long- cute up kid’s cuffs (tutorial)

Creating cute cuffs for kid's pants

Some times your kid’s pants are just too long. I picked up these jeans for O awhile back. I had washed them before I realized they were really slim fit.  He never got a chance to wear them, but now they are a pretty close fit to M, except they are really long. So instead […]

The New Belinda Dress (and one day discount sale)

Go to Patterns Belinda Dress

Hi All! Hope everyone in the US had their fill of turkey, and everyone else had a great weekend! My family spent the weekend in Wisconsin and Donna and I had a chance to sew up the new Go To Pattern’s Belinda Dress. The Belinda Dress was released today as part of Pattern Revolution’s Designer’s […]

DIY Heating Pad Cover- Cover the Ugly Easily!

DIY Cover for heating pad from Once Upon a Sewing Machine

I carry all my stress in my back, and for some reason over the winter the knots and aches tend to multiply. I frequently have a heating pad out, and they are ugly, really ugly. Even if you have a cover chances are that is also really ugly. So I decided to cover my mine. […]

Holiday Scrap Buster Project

A scrap buster with template: Fun fast Thanksgiving Project

Scrappy Turkey Thanksgiving is a fun time for us.  We have three children in Minnesota and a son in central Wisconsin, which is about a 2 hour drive from here.  The Minnesota kids are a good 6 hour drive.  I know that is not the end of the world, but with crazy work schedules and […]

How many ways can you wear it? The Infinity Sweater

Easy womens sewing pattern

  Looking for a super versatile top? The Infinity Sweater gives you a slew of options and looks to create. Plus side it sew together REALLY fast. You’ll have to excuse my pictures on this one- we are in the middle of a four day rainstorm with no sun in sight. The perfect weather to […]