Easter Crafting-Quick and Easy

easter dish 1

So I am not much of a crafter.  After numerous epic failures, I usually stick to sewing which I am much better at.  It is the week before Easter and I was not feeling very Eastery (is that even a word?)  None of the kids will be coming home this year so I shipped little Easter goodies to […]

Sewing Room Share, Donna’s Space

sewing room cubes

It’s February!  We are experiencing the coldest weather of the season.  In other parts of the country the winter has been mild and beautiful.  I am not sure about you, but this always seems like a good time to organize, clean and update.   We have decided to take this opportunity to do a little blog […]

Quick Head Decoration for a Cold Day

DIY Headbands

The snow is officially flying here! When offered a chance to sew up a project from the newest One Thimble sewing magazine this project seemed just the right fit. A happy headband to contain the wild static head unleashed every time the winter hat slings off. Scroll all the way down for a chance to win […]

Serger Mat with Scrap Bag

serger mat top

Since I set up my new sewing studio, my machines and waste baskets have all been rearranged and I find myself with serger scraps and threads everywhere.  Actually I have wanted a serger scrap bag for years, but there has always been something more pressing. Rachel said that she would like one too, but she tends […]

Small Projects for Cold Winter Days

crocheted dishcloths

Choosing a Project Sometimes at the end of a busy day, I just want a project that will  not be too brain draining.  With the ridiculous cold snap that we have been experiencing, I like to work with yarn.  I have many projects in the works currently…..well that is not really any different than usual. […]

Quick No Sew Memory Ornaments

No Sew Ornament

Since I brought my first destroyer of decorations and home decor home from the hospital I haven’t done a lot of decorating at the holidays. But now that everyone has a tiny bit more impulse control we’ve been taking out more and more things. I do, however, stick to things that are relatively unbreakable. We […]

Yarn projects

knitting projects

Knitting and Crocheting for Winter With the start of winter I like to pull out the yarn.  Cowl type scarves have been very popular lately so I thought I would make up a couple. While staying with our son one weekend not took long ago I realized after we got there that I had  forgotten […]

Easy Christmas Table Runner

Easy Scrap quilted table runner

Scrap Quilted Table Runner I was looking for a pattern for a quick table runner to make up as a gift for my sister whose birthday is just before Christmas.  I love the look and feel of changing out table runners or table decor in general to match the season.   The years when the kids […]

Little Bunnies and Spring Bags

modern folksy bunny

They are forecasting nearly a foot of snow here this weekend. What better plan than to sew up some spring bags and bunnies. I started with the Modern Folksy Bunny pattern. This pattern was super clear, simple, and easy to sew up. It went together really fast. You can play with the size of your […]

Create Two Styles of Hanging Towels (Tutorial and free pattern)

Two styles hanging towels (pattern and tuttorial) Once Upon a Sewing Machine

Here it is, the third week in January! That is hard to believe. It seems like just yesterday we were all in a hustle mode trying to get Christmas ready, plan menus, and figure out where everyone was going to sleep. Our four children are spread across a 350-mile-range, so holidays are always a production, […]