Tracing Patterns: Options, the good, the bad, the cost

What to use for tracing patterns, cost, benefits, and suppliers

If you sew using PDF patterns, chances are you’ve debated whether to just print and cut or trace your size. And if you do trace, what do you use?! What is the easiest to use, the most affordable, what’s the BEST? I prefer to print once and then trace.  I must admit printing and taping […]

Giveaway: Win a Craftsy Class!

This post contains affiliate links. This means we make a small amount if you purchase using our links, at no extra cost to you. Thanks in advance for your support.  I believe I mentioned ages ago I had started taking a Craftsy class, Sewing With Knits. If you’re not familiar with Craftsy, here is the quick […]

Kid’s Clothes Week and a Coupon

mayfair 1

It’s tiiiiiiiiiime. For those of you who blog, or regularly follow sewing blogs, you probably know or have heard the rumbles, it’s Kid’s Clothes Week. Don’t know about KCW? It’s a week where we all work to motivate and inspire each other to actually get some kid’s sewing done. The goal is to sew for […]

Selfish Sewing Week: The Great Debate

 It’s time for selfish sewing week! There are a variety of buttons available to display for this week’s sewing, but if I’m going to actually get any sewing done this week- It’s going to be coffee over here! Imagine Gnats and Made with Moxie are hosting a week long sewing event to encourage you to […]

A Homemade Clothing Swap

haileys ruffled up jacket pattern

I just finished up participating in a fun handmade clothing swap. The swap was orchestrated through Peek a Boo Pattern shop. If you follow us you know we are a big fan of their patterns, so this seemed like a nice opportunity to connect with some like-minded sewers. Here is how it worked: You signed […]

Cottage Mama- a Pattern Test or Two

The Miss Matilda Top and Skip and Play Capris, pattern by Cottage Mama

More often than not I lately I’ve been feeling drawn to bold color. But when I started sifting through my stash for this pattern test I found this Swiss Dot I had picked up for a different reason and decided on a different vibe for this outfit. We were thrilled to be included in the […]

What They Wore, and What They Didn’t

Raglan tee pattern

This summer the kids drawers will largely be filled by clothes made by mom and grandma. While I was sorting through fabric and deciding on patterns to fill the current holes I started thinking about what they would actually like- what is going to get worn. Now I will disclaimer this post with my kids […]

A Little Sewing Machine Anatomy and a Walking Foot

walking foot install

Donna and I both took a leap this week and decided to try out a walking foot on our sewing machines. If you don’t know what a walking foot is, it is a pretty intimidating looking attachment that replaces your presser foot. What does a walking foot do? On your machine you have the set of feed […]

My Favorite Yarn Projects


Recently Jill from Sew a Fine Seam had a post about waiting for spring.  In this part of the country it can be a very difficult time indeed.  Even though last weekend we turned our clocks ahead…spring forward…and the equinox is this week, we still have a TON of snow that needs to melt and […]

Fun with Patterns

Girls Sewing

Last week I made a trip to our local thrift store.  I was on a mission to find an “ugly” sweater for a fund raiser that I  was participating in with some of the women that I work with.  I love browsing the thrift stores, you just never know what you may find.  After completing […]