Draft your Own Raglan Tee Pattern

draft your own raglan tee

Pattern drafting: Raglan Tee pattern from a basic teeBetter late then never right? Our Thursday Sew You Had a Boy post is going up today. We feel confident you’ll forgive us, we hope. This week we are going to run through how to draft a raglan tee from a standard t-shirt.

Grab a favorite T-shirt that fits well to use as base.draft a raglan tee

Fold your shirt in half. Trace around the body of the shirt. Remember to add seam allowance to your shoulder and side seams. I added an inch to the bottom of this shirt even though I didn’t plan to hem it (thank you knit) because I wanted it to be a bit bigger than my existing shirt. When you’re done your pattern should look this-

raglan tee patternThis is my front/back which will be cut on the fold. Now it is time to create the raglan sleeve.

raglan sleeve patternStart at the armpit and draw a line up to the middle of your neckline curve. It doesn’t have to be exact I eyeballed it. You will cut along this line later when you separate this one pattern piece into two.

raglan sleeve patternExtend out your shoulder. This is the top of your sleeve (you can use your current top for comparison)

raglan sleeve patternDraw a line parallel to your shoulder line from the armpit. Connect the two with a straight line. Now you’ll have a pattern that matches the one above. Cut the two pieces apart on your diagonal.

raglan tee patternCut one front and one back, both on the fold at the center front. Cut two sleeves placing the shoulder on the fold.

The construction of a raglan tee is really similar to how you put together a peasant dress. Pinning right sides together you’ll attach your sleeves so you end up with a piece that looks like this (cat optional)-

draw a raglan pattern

If you are going to hem your sleeves or the bottom of the shirt do so now. I decided to put a cuff on my sleeve, and leave the hem as is.

raglan tee pattern

Fold your shirt right sides together. Sew up your side seams. You’re almost there! Flip your shirt right side out.

Now you need to attach a neck ribbing. Rib knit is ideal for a neckline. I’ve used this knit once before on O’s throwback football tee so I feel confident it will work for my neckline and not stretch out.

My neckband is going to be about an inch finished, so I cut a 2″ wide piece. To find your length you can walk a tape measure around an existing neck. Honestly I sew enough knit tops for my kiddos that I tend to know this number for their current size off the top of my head- or where I can find the recommended cutting size.

Fold your neckband in half and sew it into a circle. Now pin it right sides together like below.

raglan tee


Stitch together your raw edges and flip it up. You’re done! Fast and easy right? You can change up the look of a raglan tee pretty easily. Perfect for Kids Clothes Week!

Are you sewing along? We’re planning on it, but I admit I’m not nearly as prepared as I was the last go. I would love to sew up some Spring and Summer clothes, but I’m having such a hard time getting motivated. We got another 5 inches of snow on Thursday. Seriously it is almost May this is getting out of hand….

Here is another version I sewed up, I adjusted the sleeve placement slightly and used a little different neckband. Little tweaks until you get what you’re aiming for!

draft your own raglan tee

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