Felt With Love Purses, One Thimble Issue 13

Felt with Love Purses One Thimble Issue 13

Today we are sharing a pattern from the latest issue of One Thimble. One Thimble is a quarterly sewing e-magazine. It features both clothing patterns for women, children, and home. Issue 13 has just released.

Felt with Love Purses One Thimble Issue 13

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Video: Sewing an Infinity Scarf

Hey Guys! I’m sharing something a little different with you today. I’ve just released my first class over on Skillshare, a video tutorial platform.

I walk through a project with you and give you some tips for those just getting started. It’s 20 minutes that we can sew together! Want to get a peek?

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Finishing a Quilt or Five….

finishing a quilt title

When Rachel and I were at the Sew Pro conference in Chicago last month, we met some great people.  The first day it seemed everyone we ran into was a quilter, had a quilting blog or sold quilts.  Although that is not our main focus, I have always loved quilting.  When the conversation went to unfinished quilts, I was more than a bit embarrassed to say that I have 5 quilts in process and another 5 that I have fabric for but have not started. [click to continue…]

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Chalkboard Wall : Sewing Room Inspiration

How to paint a chalkboard wall for your sewing room (or anywhere else)

As a sewer I spend a decent amount of time dreaming of that ideal sewing room. I have a Pinterest board– I’m sure I’m not alone. After the rather painful fabric room purge, if you missed it you can see my tips on your own destash here, I was ready for a clean start in my sewing space.

I’m lucky enough to have a room in our new home dedicated to office and sewing needs. I’m still toggling how it’s all going to get organized, but it allowed me the opportunity for something I’ve wanted for awhile. I big huge giant chalkboard wall.

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DIY Halloween Costume Tutorials

Halloween Costume Tutorial List

It’s October already!  If you are anything like us, you are just starting to think about Halloween costumes.  One of the problems we have had in the past are children that keep changing their minds about what they want to be.  Of course Rachel and I have both slaved over costumes in the past and then sometimes you just need to go to the local big box store and pick one up for $5.99.  The trick is to know that it’s ok to do that sometimes too.

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Baby’s First Cecilia Tee, free 12 month pattern

Free Pattern: Cecilia Tee 12 month- 8 years

Long sleeve tee time! Fall is my favorite time of year. The weather is perfect for long sleeves tees, the air smells great, and the leaves start changing colors.

This fall we are celebrating a first birthday. Along with that baby got her first Cecilia tee. I wanted something bright and fun to match the kid to snap some first birthday pictures in.

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The Great Fabric Destash : How to Purge Your Fabric Stash

Destash Fabric in 3 (somewhat) painless steps

When I was pregnant with my third kiddo I decided it was time to start purging my stash. I was going to lose some space to baby, and I was starting to feel like I had too much just- stuff. It was time to destash fabric. Not long after she was born we learned we would be moving across country and the purge became more important. Did I really want to pack and move all this?

I thought it would be easy. I didn’t think there was really THAT much. I started by sewing my small stack of unfinished projects and making an effort to use fabric I owned while establishing a no buy rule. I honestly thought given that I had some lead time that would be enough.

Then I couldn’t find my Kam Snap. I was sure I knew where it was- but it wasn’t there. And the resulting search left me near panic attack. It seemed the deeper I looked the more stuff emerged. Half finished projects that stopped fitting a child two years ago. Fabric I didn’t remember. Fabric I didn’t like. Tissue pattern pieces without patterns. PDF pieces unlabeled with sizes or designer names. Rolls of ribbon, balls of elastic, bags of scraps to be saved for scrap projects. More bags of scraps……

I got serious about my purge. Here’s how you can too.

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Sewing for School

While Rachel is busy moving her family across the country, I have tried to keep busy by sewing things for the kids.  We received some cotton jersey from Organic Cotton Plus and I originally was going to make summer clothes for Ms M and Ms N.  And then the craziness that this summer is started in earnest.  Plan B.  School clothes.back to school 1

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Brook Blossom Skirt

brook blossom skirt PDF One Thimble Issue 12
 One Thimble Issue 12 has just released! I’m excited to be sharing a women’s pattern included in the quarterly Australian ezine that I was given a chance to preview and sew up. For those of you unfamiliar One Thimble is a compilation of sewing articles and varied patterns from a wide range of pdf designers.

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Just Keep Swimming

just keep swimming girls pdf pattern

Just Keep Swimming, and just keep growing is what my kids have been doing all summer. The offer to try a new swimsuit pattern, Just Keep Swimming by The Wolf and The Tree, and freshen up the well worn (and getting snug) suits seemed like a great idea.

Wanting something a little different than what she had been sporting the first half of the summer. I sewed up the bikini length top, no colorblocking, with the high waisted briefs.

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