Rainbow animals cross stitch

One Thimble Issue 11 has released! I’m happy to be sharing to patterns that I was given the opportunity to review and sew up. One Thimble is a sewing ezine packed with different types of patterns. One of the two I’m sharing today is a cross stitch.

I have been cross stitching since I was a little kid, I find it relaxing to work on while decompressing from a busy day. This is only the second PDF cross stitch pattern I’ve used so it’s interesting to see the differences and similarities between a kit you would pick up at a big craft store. I love that Indie designers are offering more modern cross stitch patterns.

The pattern includes instructions on how to create a cross stitch if you are new to it. Getting started with cross stitching is really straight forward if you haven’t done it before. There are three rainbow animal patterns include I choose the tiger.

This pattern requires a little more counting and moving around. For that reason I HIGHLY recommend using a magnet board. (affiliate) Learn from my mistake on this one. I gave it a swing without a magnet board and ended up getting lost in the stripes. Once you’ve gotten past a certain point ripping becomes virtually impossible.

Lay your pattern on the magnet board and slide down your ruler a row at a time as you work through the design. Once I broke out the magnet board the whole design went in so much faster! Your progress looks kind of like this.


I choose to go off pattern with my color choices. I for the most part followed the patterns color layout exactly but instead of using the rainbow palette I ombred through a couple colors.

cross 2

I’m working on chaining a couple tigers together.

cross 3

I’m trying to decide if I want to frame them as is, or get crazy with embroidery and drop some greenery and texture in the background. What do you think?

Pattern: Rainbow Cross Stitched Animals One Thimble 11

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wild things baby shoes one thimble 11


Issue 11 contents
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  • Jen May 14, 2016, 10:36 pm

    I haven’t cross stitched for years and had never heard of using a magnet board for crossstitch but now I’m keen to get one! Thanks for the tip! Your chain of tigers looks fabulous!

  • Rebecca May 14, 2016, 11:00 pm

    I love the colors you used!

    I’ve never used a magnet board but I know what I’m ordering tonight!

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