Toddler Floor Pillows

toddler pillow pattern

We hope you have all had a wonderful holiday with your family! We have been busy busy sewing up gifts and taking some time to enjoy each others company.  So now it’s time to share some of the things we’ve been sewing. I made one of these pillows for each of my little ones and my nephew (3, 2, and 1) These toddler floor pillows were sewn up using the Land of Nod inspired tutorial from Living with Punks.

Overall the tutorial was clear and easy to follow. These pillows are really fast to sew up. Drafting the large circle was one of the most time consuming parts. If you are new to piping that may slow you down- but it’s an easy application so you’ll catch on really quick even if you are a newbie. (Just make sure you have the right foot on your machine)

land of nod pillows

I had originally considered making piping out of the same fabric as the pillow. I forgot to take this in to account when buying yardage, so I didn’t have nearly enough fabric for that.

The only problem I ran into was with the length of that long rectangle that runs around the body of the pillow. I cut to her specifications, but ran 2-5 inches short on all three pillows when pinning around the circle top. Maybe I didn’t pull them quite as tight as she did. Either way I would make that piece a couple inches longer- better safe than sorry. It added a piece in to lengthen mine, the extra seam didn’t really bother me.

diy floor pillow

The sizing is just right for a toddler. They are nice and light. Manageable for my little one to pick up a carry, but plenty of room for a 4-5 yr. old to sit. The only potential issue I would see is these are just stuffed so if there was a catastrophic spill I would have to open up a seam and replace the stuffing.

Overall I was really happy with how they turned out and the kids are happy using them as landing zones for their stunt maneuvers ;)

How did you your handmade sewing projects turn out?

Happy Sewing,


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    • It smart to sew for them before they’re born! ha! I stuffed my littlest one’s a little on the light side (it will be easy to open and fluff) seems to make it easier for her to sit on.