DIY Peppermint Candy Ornaments

We were feeling festive and I went on the hunt for a Christmas project we hadn’t made before. Peppermint ornaments show up frequently with tutorials promising them to be fast and easy! What could go wrong!?

DIY Peppermint oranament gingerbread man.

So. many. things. I’m not going to lie we went through like 3 bags of peppermints and came out with about 4 ornaments that look like anything. The above gingerbread is the prettiest, but the hole for hanging it kept closing, and it had hardened before I realized I had lost it again.

The instructions are pretty universal for these.

Lay your peppermints into cookie cutter shapes.

Bake them at 350 for 8-10 minutes.

Pop them out of their cookie cutters. Use a toothpick coated in cooking oil to create a hole to string your ornament.


I believe the untold story here is you need to expect at least 50% of these to break. With that expectation I would have been less frustrated from the start.

Here are my best tips to make these not terrible.

  1. Expect they are going to break, at least some of them.
  2. If the oven gets too hot your chance of success goes down. I would use a cool pan for each new round you bake.
  3. Stand by the oven. 5-10 minutes seems to be the window and if you go over it by a minute it’s game over.
  4. You can lightly spray your cookie cutter with nonstick spray, but don’t go crazy and be very careful you don’t over bake or you end up with black cooking spray on your ornaments.
  5. Don’t put in too many candies.
  6. Don’t put in too few candies.
  7. Use exactly the right number of candies…….
  8. Plan on them being more fragile than you think, we broke several successes by setting them down too aggressively.
  9. Go into it with a good sense of humor.

This one overcooked, you can see the bubbling that happened at the edges and the bleeding of the peppermints.

Just a really good sense of humor….this one is a montage of previously broken ornaments.

Honestly my kids and I still had a great time, but I wanted to put it out there that as an experienced crafter, these are not as easy as advertised. So don’t feel bad if your oven also eats your peppermint ornaments- happens to the best of us.

Merry Christmas all!

DIY Peppermint Candy Ornament. This was not easy. Tips to help yours turn out better than mine.

Tutorial: DIY Unicorn Legs

How to sew Unicorn legs for Halloween or dress up.

It’s the beginning(ish) of October which makes it costume time around here. Here is the good news, if you are finding this tutorial on the morning of the 31st you’ve still got plenty of time. This is a super fast sew.

My girls have decided to be unicorns this year. Well, my oldest girl decided to be a unicorn and her younger sister thinks the moon revolves around her so now I’ve got two unicorns.

The last few years I’ve been buying some/all of my kids’ costumes and honestly not feeling guilty about it. But this falls under things I can make that either will use scraps I have or be able to be worn again.

Mix up your fur or feather options and these legs can be used for whatever animal your kiddo wants to be.

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The Knit Basics Tour

Girls PDF tank and underwear set. This knit basics set will be sewn again and again. Great for beginners the pattern is accompanied by a video tutorial series. If you are learning to sew or jumping into knits try this pattern out. #sewing #sew #pdfpattern #tutorial #diy

I have long loved sewing with knits. I know that enthusiasm is not shared universally.

The good news is there are projects out there that can be easily tackled to convince you to come over to the knit side, and this is definitely one of them.

Liz from Thread Faction has not only released a really cute girls tank and bottoms set, she’s also released a series of videos to walk you through the construction. And bonus those tips you need to make sewing with knits a good experience.

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Sewing Women’s Knickers

PDF underwear pattern
I’ve said it before there are a few things I never thought that I would sew. Underwear is one of them. Then one day, somehow, I made a pair for the kids.
It was a fun project, a great scrap buster, and oddly satisfying. So now from time to time, I like to bust out a stack of knickers for myself too. I was happy to join in the Bespoke Briefs tour because I had been planning on doing just.
Are underwear capsule wardrobe things? If so I have a Fall underwear capsule cut and ready to go. Here are the first two.

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Rock Pool Pattern

Rock Pool Catch, a handmade toy

This summer has been very quiet in my sewing room, my machines having been abandoned for afternoons at the beach. Which made the project I’m sharing with you today seem fairly appropriate.

I sewed up the Rock Pool Catch toy that is included in the newest issue of One Thimble. Can you believe it’s issue 20! If you have been a reader for a while you know we are a fan of One Thimble and have made items from many of their releases.

Since my sewing room is a bit harder to spend time in during my kids summer vacation I made a project this round that looked like it would be well suited to hand stitching on the go. I didn’t exactly follow instructions so I’ll let you know what I adjusted.

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Girl’s Summer Dresses

One Thimble Issue 19

Summer is heading our way. The trees have gone green and the days warmed up. What better way to celebrate than summer dresses. Something bright and fun.

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Josephine Dress

josephine pdf dress pattern Laela Jeyne patterns

Summertime means light flowy dresses. The Josephine is the perfect fit for a Sunday afternoon.

I always struggle to find the right mix of summer knit dress that gives some shape while also not being so snug I’m left pulling at it and sweating. I think the Josephine achieves that pretty well. While I paired mine with a belt it can easily be worn without and still hold shape at the waistline.

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Video Tutorial: Attaching beaded sequins

how to sew on a beaded sequin

If you’re looking to add a little bit of fun to an outfit or an embroidery piece you’re working on may I suggest a beaded sequin?

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Tutorial: How to sew a lined reusable grocery bag

Fully Lined Grocery Bag Tutorial

I have been a diligent reusable bag user for years, but a recent move closer to the East Coast has made me even more serious about it. In an unexpected cultural shift we found store out here did not use paper bags, and since cheap plastic bags can’t actually hold the weight of anything they were packed with 1-3 items a piece. I’m not exagerrating.

The first full trip to a grocery store yielded dozens of plastics bags- it was the stuff of reusable bag nightmares. So I started adding more bags to my stack to make sure I had them in the car for all of my unplanned (and planned) trips into stores.

Fully Lined Grocery Bag Tutorial

This style of bag is even quicker to whip up if you decide not to line it. I like to have a few vinyl lined bags in my aresonal for frozen items. It keeps the wet contained.

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Tutorial: How to sew a shirred pocket

shirred pocket tutorial

Pockets! Everything is better with a pocket. Today I’m going to share with you how to make a cute shirred pocket. We used it on our lined market bag. You can find the full market bag tutorial here. 

Ready let’s get started!

What you need

A piece of scrap fabric, size depends on your desired pocket size

Elastic thread* (I like Gutterman, but I have also used Dritz) affiliate link

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