DIY Teacher’s Gift

You know that moment when you realize you really meant to get a teacher gift? Or you just wanted to add something personal? I found my go to.

This one.two. pattern is found in the newest issue of One Thimble. (affiliate) It is quick quick quick. Like, sew it before school with cute scraps quick. Not that I would have ever found myself in that spot.

I love the coffee cup cozy. I used a scrap piece of this graphic print that I edged my last Miriam in, and leftover quilt batting from a baby quilt.  You could go a few different ways with this add them to a nice coffee cup with a bag of coffee. Wrap them up with a coffee shop card.

Confession I’m keeping this one on my nuk mason jar by my kitchen sink because it makes me happy 😉

Think your kids’ teacher/daycare provider deserves a drink? The pattern also includes a cozy for wine glasses.

The directions recommended hand sewing a bit at the top- I thought I could outsmart it and do an edge stitch- I regret that. So that kind of awkward stitching line on top is all me. Lesson learned. The actual construction is really clever and keeps only right side of the fabric exposed even on the inside of the cozy.

Tuck a bottle of wine and four of these in a bag and you’ve got yourself a nice housewarming gift.

What is your go-to teacher gift?

Want to see more of what One Thimble Issue 17 (affiliate) has to offer? Check the links below.

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Coloring Book Fabric Miriam Skirt

miriam skirt ousm designs Once Upon a Sewing Machine

We’re getting into the groove of the school year, which means a little more time for some sewing. I have never been ambitious enough to sew full new wardrobes for school, but I do like to inject some special pieces.

For today I’m sharing a promised project that was, admission, months in the making.

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Lunch Bag Tutorial

DIY Lunch Bag Tutorial

Last year I picked up a set of expandable Bento boxes on a whim. They have been life changing for lunch packing- and how much my kids actually ate! The only problem was they didn’t fit very nicely in my daughter’s current lunch bag. So I promised her a new one for the start of the school year.

I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a tight squeeze so I decided to sew one up for her. I’m planning on whipping up at least one more to have an extra lunch bag on hand because someone will leave a bag at school or on the bus at some point!

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Back to School Basics-Button Up Jumper

Button Up Jumper PDF Pattern

Back to school!  A term that has always made me smile.  As much as I was anxious for summer to begin, I was just as anxious to have school start again.

A staple item in our 1st grader’s wardrobe is the Button Up Jumper.  It is a twist on a classic design.  This jumper can be made using a variety of fabrics.

Button Up Jumper PDF Pattern   [click to continue…]

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Hand Sewn Mermaid – One Thimble 16

Hand sewn Mermaid One Thimble 16

Summer is an ideal time to pick up small hand sewn projects. A small project that is easily picked up and put down again or carried into the backyard or park is a great creative outlet.

My middle child fell in love with a picture of this sweet mermaid from One Thimble’s newest issue. Though since she’s been finished there has been a bit of tussling for who will claim full-time ownership.

Hand sewn Mermaid One Thimble 16 [click to continue…]


Mermaid Skirt

One Thimble 16 Mermaid Skirt

Here in the US, we’re embracing the last few weeks of summer before school starts up again. At least that is what I’m doing when not hiding under a table quietly counting the days of summer break left. Those with multiple kids home all summer maybe know what I’m talking about.

For that reason, I welcomed the chance to sew up a new item to add a little new fun to the well-used dress up bucket. This chance came in the newest One Thimble ezine featuring an underwater theme.

For some extra fun, we did some tie dying. Follow along below for the details on that!

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DIY Dollhouse Rag Rug

DIY Dollhouse Scrap Rug tutorial

This summer has brought us some downright hot days. And we have retreated to the air conditioning. Which has brought me back to a project that never really got finished. The kid’s dollhouse. Now they have been playing with it! But I always had intentions of adding more fun things, and since my littlest has taken a big interest in it lately it seemed like a good time.

It was scrap buster time.

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Straight Stitch Designs Magnolia Swing Dress Free Pattern Review

Straight Stitch Designs Magnolia Dress

I found Straight Stitches Magnolia Swing dress while looking for something quick, summer friendly, not fabric hog, that I could sew up several of quickly for my summer rotation.

My phase of life means I need something easy to throw over a swimsuit. Quick changes when I hadn’t planned on being in the water but swimsuit clad children need to be picked up or hugged. Things I won’t stress about being covered in popsicle juice or …. whatever that is. I need to be able to bend, crouch, and lean over – bra strap coverage is important to me.

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Stuffed Animal Hamster and Mice – Squeak!

Mouse PDF pattern Hamster PDF pattern

Summer vacations brings home my whole herd full time. While they’re here they tend to spend more time milling in and out of my sewing space. Which means,

1. I get much less sewing done in the summer and

2. There are many more requests. And they aren’t for practical t-shirts and shorts.

My kids think that sewing machine magic should be used to create stuffed animals.

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Peter Henley Release!

peter henley

We are pleased to announce the release of the Peter Henley.  A casual fit tab front shirt great for playing or seeing the town.  Here are some of our great testers versions.

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