Add an Applique to Your Basics

How to add an applique
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Tiny undies is my favorite knit scrap buster. They’re quick easy and my kids love them. There are a number of different patterns out there but for girls I really like Peek a Boo pattern’s classic panties. The pattern comes package with a little tank too.

To celebrate upcoming Valentine’s I thought it would be fun to add a few hearts to this round. It’s a quick add on that got a big thumbs up.

Want to dress up your own pair of underwear- or any other basic item?

Here’s how to add an applique to dress up your basic item! 

How to add an applique

  1. I’m using light weight Heat & Bond. You can find it here. 
  2. Cut a square of Heat and Bond, iron it adhesive side down to the wrong side of your fabric.
  3. Draw the design you’re going to place (remember this is the wrong side if you need to reverse something)
  4. Cut out your applique.

How to add an applique

5. Peel the backing of your applique.

6. Place it glossy side down where you want the applique and press.

7. Stitch around your applique to ensure it doesn’t peel off.

You’re done!

How to add an applique

I like to add my applique before I sew the item. When you do this just remember to take in to account seam allowances when placing your design.

How to add an applique


How to add an applique

What are you going to applique first?

Happy Sewing,


Pattern: Classic panties and camisole 

Fabric: Scraps!

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