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This year our house is participating in the back to school hub bub. Can you believe it!! Ok, technically I only have a 3 year old Pre-K kiddo, and he is only going two mornings a week, but that is enough to send me into heart palpitations. I know he’ll LOVE it though he’s a bit apprehensive now.

My husband’s family always jokes about his first day of Kindergarten. He thought it was overkill that his mom wanted to walk him to the classroom- he tried to tell her goodbye and leave her in the parking lot. I’m hoping O isn’t too put out about being walked to the door, I think I’m safe.

back to school patterns

So what is a mom to do while she waits to send off her big preschooler? Well first, apparently, a lot of paperwork.  They’ll need your address, and your phone number, and your emergency contacts. And they’ll need it on 5 different forms….

back to school patterns

And then the 5th time you’ve written your kiddo’s birthday you’ll think, “That can’t be right….It was just yesterday right?” Which will lead you to a tailspin down memory lane. It’s crazy to remember how clueless you were about how your little one was going to change everything. Even though you had read all the books.

That never changes I suppose. Even though we weren’t rookies anymore when we had M, you still get dished out a whole new set of adventures.

back to school patterns

Are you ready to hear about the sewing? Done with my rambling? Are those of you with Kindergarten and First graders thinking of telling me almost 4 is nothing- just wait for the cold sweats coming my way! Do those of you with high schoolers want to tell us all to take some deep breathes?  That’s probably not a bad idea- you could tell me that 🙂 

Donna sewed up 3 of the 9 patterns that come in the Back 2 School pattern pack. The backsak, the pencil pouch, and the lunch bag.

back to school patterns

We opted for this really cute knit Donna had on hand, even though it was not the recommended fabric, it gives the backsak a softer feel and I don’t think you lose a whole lot in structure-we’ll see how it holds up.

For the lunch bag we did a small adaptation and lined some cotton we had on hand with a vinyl we used for our market bag.

back to school patterns

For now we’ll use the lunch bag for outings to the zoo, park, and anywhere else I can bring the kids to run free and cause some chaos.

back to school patterns

Are you back to school sewing? What are you making up? Did you have a hard time letting your oldest go off to even super part time preschool (someone say yes please)?

Enter to win your Back to School Pack from Get Your Crap Together below! And be sure to visit the other ladies sewing up their back to school projects.

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  • Amy Mayen August 5, 2013, 8:55 am

    I took my nephew to his pre-k class today. He promptly kicked his mom out and told me to stay. I think because he knew his mom would cry. He kept asking me to stay. Then I stayed until they made me leave. He was fine until they shut the door, then he tried to break the door down. He was screaming and calling for me and I wanted to break the door down at that point. They calmed him down pretty quickly, but I can’t help but sit here sniffling, imagining all sorts of awful things. Deep breaths definitely don’t help. I feel like I abandoned him. I just want to go kidnap him and wait til next year. I know I’m supposed to be assured that the school will take care of him but they don’t know all about him. We packed his lunch because he won’t eat a sandwich with the crust on. He is the most stubborn and wild of all our 4. Plus our none of our kids talk as well when theyre little because they have 2 languages at home. what if they dont understand him. I’m devastated. I want Evan! Wah!

  • Chelsea August 5, 2013, 9:23 am

    Can you believe how fast those little ones grow up! I love that your husband was trying to say “goodbye” in the parking lot. That would be my son. I am loving the lunch tote! And I love that you used the knit for the Traveling Backsak. Thanks for participating!

  • Cindy August 5, 2013, 10:19 am

    Take a deep breath…lol;)

    BK was like your husband last year when she started kindergarten. She didn’t really want me at the bus stop and when the bus came she was on it with out even a glance back. The other 3 at least gave me a hug.

    I’m always a bit teary eyed that first day of school. I like having my kids around and never quite know what to do with myself those first few days when no one is home. This year is a little scary. I’ll have a high schooler, middle schooler, and 2 in elementary. And BK will be gone all day since she’ll be starting first grade. It’s nice to see each child come into their own so to speak and become more and more independent but it’s bittersweet as well. I really do miss the days of babies/toddlers/preschoolers! But not enough to have another baby.;)

  • Heather Feather August 10, 2013, 8:31 am

    How fun! I love that you’re getting him all ready for preschool! I really want to make Henry a backpack because he loves my husbands; thanks for the giveaway!

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