Bethioua Raglan PDF Pattern Elle Puls

Bethioua Raglan PDF

When the Winter pattern collection went up on IndieSew I was once again sorely tempted. The tours and example sews that roll out are always beautiful, stylish, fit nicely, and well photographed. ALL of the temptation to pattern shop.

I’ve been trying hard to limit my pattern consumption since I still have a stack of things not yet sewn. But it worked out perfectly that the three patterns I wanted most, and didn’t own any of, made up the mini collection. So I went ahead and bought it.

The top I was most excited about was the Bethioua Raglan. It was just a little different, but looked like it could become a staple easily. And I loved all the examples I had seen sewn.

Bethioua Raglan PDF Pattern Elle Puls

I loved the easy fit and almost boyfriend fit I had seen. So admission, I sewed these up quite some time ago. And never took pictures, and did really have plans to blog them. But then I thought sometimes sharing the meh sewing is helpful too!

This is my first raglan. Now it is a sweater fleece. Not the recommend fabric for this pattern. I was sitting between sizes so I went up hoping to buy a little wiggle.

Bethioua Raglan PDF Pattern Elle Puls

There was no wiggle to be had. In fact I never hemmed it because I thought it would end up too short to wear. Overall I fell meeeeeeeh about it. It’s practical in that it’s warm, but I don’t feel great in it. I’m not sure that it will survive and upcoming closet purge.

Bethioua Raglan PDF Pattern Elle Puls

The back is fun right? So I really wanted this to work. I kept the slightly bigger size and broke into a really light and stretchy sweater knit that I had been holding on to forever.

Bethioua Raglan PDF Pattern Elle Puls

It did not feel any better. I also made some unfortunate pattern placement choices. So there are light and dark stripes moving through the fabric. I intentionally flipped the sleeves from the body because I knew the stripes would never line up exactly and I didn’t want that to make me crazy.

Bethioua Raglan PDF Pattern Elle Puls

The problem? Having the dark at the top of the bodice makes me look even more top heavy, and the lighter band at the bottom seems to accentuate the fact I’m I stand uneven. One of my shoulder/hips is always taller than the other. It’s a posture problem- but it’s pretty set in and I think this top makes it more obvious.

So the bottom line. Neither one of these are keepers, or certainly favorites, for me. However, I REALLY want this pattern to work. So I think a third top is in my future. I’m going to go straight jersey with it and move up one more size. Which will push me into the sizes with bust darts, I think that is going to help my fit too.

The pattern itself has a wide size range so it is split into multiple files, make sure you print your size!

The instructions are clear and concise. The instructions are accompanied by illustrations that will get you to a finished top in no time. Maybe that is pushing my unfettered will to sew another top!

Have you had a pattern you love but it took awhile to get right for you?

Pattern: Bethioua Raglan 

Fabric: Blue Sweater Fleece- Joann’s

Brown Stripe- Stash

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  • Amy Mayen April 12, 2016, 12:43 pm

    I’ve been looking at that pattern forever! I didnt realize the larger sizes have bust darts, even better for me. I’m still trying not to buy any patterns but there are a few siren calling me lately. Can’t wait to see what you make next!
    Amy Mayen recently posted..Sew Fashionable 04/11/16My Profile

  • Amy Mayen April 12, 2016, 12:43 pm

    P.S. I meant to tell you LOVE YOUR HAIR!!
    Amy Mayen recently posted..Sew Fashionable 04/11/16My Profile

  • Lightning McStitch April 12, 2016, 10:14 pm

    I couldn’t see past the hair cut either! 🙂 looks fabulous!
    I admire your persistence. A sweater should be a one off quick sew kind of garment in my book. The first photo of the brown striped one is great. Lovely colours on you.
    I wonder if you don’t need the smaller shoulder/upper chest size and then a fba or bigger chest size. But then, I have no boobs, so I know nothing really…
    Good luck!
    Lightning McStitch recently posted..Jalie 3350 – surf and poolsideMy Profile

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