Cottage Mama Book Review, Sew Classic Clothes for Girls

I’ve recently sewn up several of  the Cottage Mama patterns.  They are well designed, detailed darling works of art.  Lindsay Wilkes, the Cottage Mama, has recently released her first book Sew Classic Clothes for Girls. (affiliate link)

What impresses most right from the beginning is this book is more than just a book of patterns.  Lindsay does a great job of giving you help on choosing fabrics and how to pair prints, trims and embellishments.   Her sizing chart is easy to read.

The designs are well suited to the intermediate sewer, however her tips on techniques and tools are good for the novice as well as the more experienced sewer.  The directions follow in a logical fashion and she does a good job of walking you through construction step by step.  For those of us who are visual learners, the pictures are great.

The patterns are very well designed and the techniques are professional.   Her garments are as nice on the inside as on the outside when you are finished.

The patterns range from tops and bottoms to dresses, coats and accessories.  If you wanted to you could create a whole wardrobe for your little one using this book. All the patterns are on a CD ready to download and print off of your printer.

The first pattern that I sewed from this book was the Pocket Smock Top.  I found a great print with orange, pink and green.  I knew I would need a pink, because that is M’s color of choice theses days.  I found an orange to use for the lining and bias binding.

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls Cottage Mama

It came together very nicely. Because it is a smock the sizing is a little different.  It is not sized with each size but only even sizes. We knew the size 2 would be too small and the 4 would be a snitch big, but we didn’t mind she can wear it mainly as a dress now, and more of a smock in the fall and winter.  In truth the 4 ended up quite large on her (she is just moving into 3T). It will probably be parked until the fall, but it will get plenty of good wear then!

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls Cottage Mama

Flexible sizing is attractive to us as I imagine it is to most with rapidly growing children.  So much love sweat and tears go into our sewing, that it is nice if the kids can wear them for a while.

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls Cottage Mama

I have The Round Neck Ruffle Dress from the book ready to go on the cutting table.(affiliate link)  I am looking forward to making this up for the summer.  It will be great to be able to use the ends of some of my favorite prints in the ruffles.

Overall a good choice for some quality, feminine looking outfits.  Lindsey also has an Etsy store where she sells single patterns that are different from the ones in her book. Rachel has sewn up several version of the Matilda and the Skip and Play pants. I used the Daphne recently to create a St. Patty’s Day dress.

Do you have a favorite Cottage Mama pattern?

Happy Sewing,   Donna


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  • Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures April 16, 2014, 7:04 am

    Very pretty! I always love your fabric choices! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  • Sarah Helene April 16, 2014, 10:09 am

    I agree with Marci, I love your fabric choices, colors & prints for this Lindsay’s classic pattern, Pocket Smock Top. Your young girl’ll be able to wear this for a couple years as your mentioned, so it’s practical. 3 yellow flower buttons for the yoke’s back closing add a cute touch. Lots of love sewn by Mom! THANKs for sharing. Why not take a couple photos when your girl wears this? Sarah Helene in Minneapolis

  • Pam @Threading My Way April 16, 2014, 3:53 pm

    Awesome fabric combo, Donna!!! And those little yellow flower buttons are SO cute. I haven’t seen the book yet or sewn any of Lindsay’s patterns. One to keep in mind.

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