Covered Buttons – A Fun Accent

I really enjoy sewing with print fabrics.  Adding buttons can be a challenge.  Finding the color that looks just right is not always easy.  With Rachel’s little one turning a year old, I have just  begun to sew things for her.  Recently I finished a Button Up Jumper in a 12 month size.

Button Up Jumper OUSM Designs

My stash includes several cuts of fun printed corduroy.  The one I choose was what I had left over from a jacket I had made for Ms M.  Read all about that jacket HERE.

After going through my three button boxes, I opted for covered buttons. If you have  never made one, I suggest giving it a go!  They are not difficult to make and I think they make the garment look professional.  They do not require a lot of fabric, and there are always small scraps left that are only going in the trash.  Why not make use of them?
covered button 1


I used a one half inch button mold. When you shop for buttons you can get a package with just the button shell and back or you can get a package that includes a “pusher” and a “mold”. For purposes of demonstration, I will show you the pusher and mold method.  However, they are not really necessary.  covered button 2There will either be a half circle or full circle pattern on the back of the package.  This is a guide for cutting your fabric.  If you are provided with a half circle, make a matching half and tape them together,covered button 3Cut out your fabric using this pattern.  Sometimes I cut my fabric just a tish larger to make it easier to cover the ball of the button. Work the fabric around covering the entire button and pushing the extra fabric into the shell of the button.  covered button 4Once you have the fabric worked in place the back into the shell of the button.  Using the pusher work the back firmly into the button shell.

covered button 5
No worries if you do not have a pusher you can use a spool of thread and place the hole over the stem on the button back.  Or just use a pencil eraser and apply a firm and even pressure all the way around.  You should hear the back click into place.  covered button 6 Your garment now looks complete! I think the covered button helps pull everything together and makes your garment look professional.

Button Up Jumper OUSM Designs


Button Up Jumper OUSM Designs


Button Up Jumper OUSM Designs

Do you make covered buttons?  Occasionally?  Not at all?  Do you think they are just too much work?  Let us know how you feel about them.

Button Up Jumper OUSM Designs

Happy Sewing, Donna

P.S. You can make your own jumper by picking up the pattern HERE.

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