These pants are too long- cute up kid’s cuffs (tutorial)

Creating cute cuffs for kid's pants

Creating cute cuffs for kid's pantsSome times your kid’s pants are just too long. I picked up these jeans for O awhile back. I had washed them before I realized they were really slim fit.  He never got a chance to wear them, but now they are a pretty close fit to M, except they are really long. So instead of hemming them I decided to cute up the cuff.

I’m making these for a girl- but this would work great for boys too!

You Need:

*Jeans that are too long!

*A nice size scrap (this will vary depending on the size of your cuff)

*Your sewing supplies

First step is to try your jeans on your little person. Cuff up the pants, mine held when I took them off, but you can pin them (or measure while they are on your child).

Creating cute cuffs for kid's pantsMeasure your cuff. You’ll need from the edge of the hem to the fold. I allowed for a little extra so the top of the fabric cuff ended up folded under.

Creating cute cuffs for kid's pantsMeasure your width. You want this number to be right on without any slosh.

My Measurements were 13 1/2″ x 3″. Add in your seam allowances. Add 1/2″ to the the height and 1″ to your width. Cut 2! My 2 cuffs measured 14 1/2″ x 3 1/2″.

Creating cute cuffs for kid's pantsIron 1/4″ down from the top and bottom. Fold your cuff in half and pin. Sew your cuff at 1/2″ seam allowance. Repeat with your second cuff.

Creating cute cuffs for kid's pantsIron your seam allowance open. You’ll be happy you did this in one minute.

Altering kids pants

Flip your jeans inside out. Your going to pin your new cuff wrong sides together to your jeans. I want to create a lined pant look so I butt my fabric right up to the edge of the existing hem.

Altering kids pantsYour seam allowances pressed open will allow your cuff to lay nice and flat on a bulky denim seam. This is also why it is important to measure exactly earlier. You don’t want your cuff to be too large it will lead to puckering or bunching.

Choose your thread. I went with a gold. You can choose a blue to match your jeans, or a fun color. I would recommend sewing the line next to the hem first.

Altering kids pants

I folded up the bottom of the leg to make it easier to sew the top to the cuff.

Shorten up your kids pants!

Let your kid rock out their new pants!

Happy Sewing,



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