DIY Peppermint Candy Ornaments

We were feeling festive and I went on the hunt for a Christmas project we hadn’t made before. Peppermint ornaments show up frequently with tutorials promising them to be fast and easy! What could go wrong!?

DIY Peppermint oranament gingerbread man.

So. many. things. I’m not going to lie we went through like 3 bags of peppermints and came out with about 4 ornaments that look like anything. The above gingerbread is the prettiest, but the hole for hanging it kept closing, and it had hardened before I realized I had lost it again.

The instructions are pretty universal for these.

Lay your peppermints into cookie cutter shapes.

Bake them at 350 for 8-10 minutes.

Pop them out of their cookie cutters. Use a toothpick coated in cooking oil to create a hole to string your ornament.


I believe the untold story here is you need to expect at least 50% of these to break. With that expectation I would have been less frustrated from the start.

Here are my best tips to make these not terrible.

  1. Expect they are going to break, at least some of them.
  2. If the oven gets too hot your chance of success goes down. I would use a cool pan for each new round you bake.
  3. Stand by the oven. 5-10 minutes seems to be the window and if you go over it by a minute it’s game over.
  4. You can lightly spray your cookie cutter with nonstick spray, but don’t go crazy and be very careful you don’t over bake or you end up with black cooking spray on your ornaments.
  5. Don’t put in too many candies.
  6. Don’t put in too few candies.
  7. Use exactly the right number of candies…….
  8. Plan on them being more fragile than you think, we broke several successes by setting them down too aggressively.
  9. Go into it with a good sense of humor.

This one overcooked, you can see the bubbling that happened at the edges and the bleeding of the peppermints.

Just a really good sense of humor….this one is a montage of previously broken ornaments.

Honestly my kids and I still had a great time, but I wanted to put it out there that as an experienced crafter, these are not as easy as advertised. So don’t feel bad if your oven also eats your peppermint ornaments- happens to the best of us.


Merry Christmas all!

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