DIY Teacher’s Gift

You know that moment when you realize you really meant to get a teacher gift? Or you just wanted to add something personal? I found my go to.

This one.two. pattern is found in the newest issue of One Thimble. (affiliate) It is quick quick quick. Like, sew it before school with cute scraps quick. Not that I would have ever found myself in that spot.

I love the coffee cup cozy. I used a scrap piece of this graphic print that I edged my last Miriam in, and leftover quilt batting from a baby quilt.  You could go a few different ways with this add them to a nice coffee cup with a bag of coffee. Wrap them up with a coffee shop card.

Confession I’m keeping this one on my nuk mason jar by my kitchen sink because it makes me happy 😉

Think your kids’ teacher/daycare provider deserves a drink? The pattern also includes a cozy for wine glasses.

The directions recommended hand sewing a bit at the top- I thought I could outsmart it and do an edge stitch- I regret that. So that kind of awkward stitching line on top is all me. Lesson learned. The actual construction is really clever and keeps only right side of the fabric exposed even on the inside of the cozy.

Tuck a bottle of wine and four of these in a bag and you’ve got yourself a nice housewarming gift.

What is your go-to teacher gift?

Want to see more of what One Thimble Issue 17 (affiliate) has to offer? Check the links below.

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  • Jen November 10, 2017, 9:48 pm

    Love your fabric choices for these!

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