Dressing Dolly, a wardrobe starts

Those of you who have followed us for a while know that we mostly sew and design children’s clothing.  We like things that are easy to wash and wear,  designs that are classic but with a twist that makes them look like today.  Sometimes we are presented with an opportunity to do something a little different.  Last week we released the Grown Up Thumbs Up, a companion to our kids Thumbs Up Tee.  It seems now we may be moving into another fun area.

M is going to have a birthday very soon.  Rachel has decided to take the plunge into the 18″ doll world.  Perfect for a sewing grandma!  I decided that I would sew up a few items so that doll would not need to go naked (or with only one outfit.)

More and more designers are releasing doll patterns to match their girl patterns.  There are also many free patterns out there.  Today I am going to show you what I have put together, which is a combination of all of the above.

doll clothes 3

I made this sweet little Audrey Cross Over to match the Peek-a-Boo dress.  The nice part about doll clothes is you can use all the sweet scraps that are left over from other projects.  The pattern for this is provided with the little girl pattern.  This is a great summer dress for the little girls as it is easy on, easy off and the best part, easy to sew.  The edges of the bodice are all enclosed in bias, so no raw edges.  I have serged all the seams and then reinforced by stitching the seam allowance as well.  Doll clothes typically are treated rather roughly and I knew they would need to be sturdy.  doll clothes 1 Easter is coming, so of course dolly needs a pretty dress.  Truth be told, I am not sure where I pulled this dress pattern from.  I had it in my pattern box for sure, but it was unmarked and just a front,  a back and a sleeve.  So I just sewed it together, put some bias around the neck and cut a piece of gross grain ribbon and sewed it to the front.  doll clothes 4

These little PJ’s are fashioned to mimic our Ruffled Pj’s.  I started with the Mini Angel Girl pattern.  I used the capris for the bottom.  The top is the sleeve and bodice and then I added a ruffle.  The fun part about doll patterns is that once you have a base you can mix and match as you like and come up with a pretty good variety.  This neckline is a simple turn under and turn under and stitch.  doll clothes 2There are a couple ways to do a closure.  I love velcro.  On doll clothes it is all I have ever used.  Even back in the day when I was sewing Barbie clothes, I must have been crazy!  I can’t even imagine how I maneuvered those little sleeves.

doll clothes closure So depending on your preference, either sew a square or a strip.  I used the strip on the jammies because I figured M would take the doll to bed with her and the top should be a little better secured.  In this picture you can see how the seam is both sewn and serged.  The couple extra minutes that it takes is well worth the effort for durability in small hands.

I can see more doll clothes in my future.  Do you sew for dolls?  Or just for people.  We have a younger granddaughter as well, so I should be pretty good at it by the time she is ready for dolls that can have their clothes changed.

Happy Sewing, Donna

P.S. We’ve got a board for doll clothes on Pinterest too…


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  • Amy Mayen March 26, 2015, 11:08 am

    I learned a ton of sewing techniques while making doll clothes. I guess it’s not as scary because little scraps of fabric aren’t a big loss. I love the dolly sized ruffled pjs! I think I have the pattern you used too. Very exciting!

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