Easter Crafting-Quick and Easy

So I am not much of a crafter.  After numerous epic failures, I usually stick to sewing which I am much better at.  It is the week before Easter and I was not feeling very Eastery (is that even a word?)  None of the kids will be coming home this year so I shipped little Easter goodies to the grandkids, but there will be no baskets or Easter Egg hunts.  The weather  has not been very spring-like in this area, barely reaching the 30 degree mark, so I decided it was time for something fun and springy.  To Pinterest I go!

After what seemed like hours (actually it probably was!)  I found a cute little basket/dish that I thought was doable.  Of course this required a trip to JoAnn’s  but I was very good and only got what I absolutely needed.  I found a quick tutorial HERE.  It calls for a jelly roll, but I just cut strips 2″ wide by the full width of my fabric and then sliced them in half so that each strip yielded 2 pieces.  easter dish 1

Never having worked with MOD PODGE, I was not sure exactly what to expect.  The directions say you can also use Elmers white glue, but I thought it might be fun to expand my comfort zone.   It seems kind of silly to say, “Yes, I can make you a wedding gown.  No, I have never worked with MOD PODGE. ”

I covered my bowl with plastic wrap and painted a layer on.  Then I just started layering my strips.  Read the directions closely or you may need to take all of your strips off and start again.  Be sure that the right side of your strip is face down against your bowl.

candy dish 2Because I did not want goop all over my counters, I put my bowl on newspaper.  Also a VERY bad idea.  Of course the newspaper stuck to my fabric and I worked feverishly to get the black newsprint off of my sweet fabrics.  I did ok…..not the best.

Take 2!  You may remember me saying I was not a crafter and had epic fails in the past.

This time I used a smaller bowl and placed the plastic covered bowl on a large plate before spreading the MOD PODGE all over it. After all of your strips are placed, take a larger piece of fabric and glue it over the strips to cover the whole bowl.  Directions say use 1/2 yard, but I did not need that much.  So gauge your size depending on your bowl.

candy dish 3I used a sponge to apply the MOD PODGE initially, and then I spread it out past the edge of my bowl with my fingers to get a nice even coat.  I should have spread it even further, and that would have given me more of an edge.  This is fine for a first try, but I can see where the process can be refined.  Allowing it to stand in a window where there was some sun helped it to dry more quickly.  After it is completely dry, remove the bowl and the plastic wrap.  While it was still in the drying process I was able to shape the bowl a little more.  Trim the excess edges of fabric into whatever shape you like.

candy dish finishedThese are not too bad for a first timer.candy dish 2I would definitely experiment a little more if I were to use these for gifts.  For a quick table decoration I think they will be fine.  Now off to get some jelly beans!

Do your creative juices flow in many directions?  Or do you prefer to stick to what you are good at?

Happy Easter, Donna

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  • Amy Mayen March 30, 2015, 1:48 pm

    Mod lodge gets easier- I started with paper and I think it made fabric easier. I’ve not done rounded edges either, that would be tricky! I think it’s a great looking basket, I’m impressed!

  • Amy April 1, 2015, 6:39 pm

    These remind me so much of Easter bonnets for some reason! I tried doing something similar once with paper strips and Mod Podge – I forgot the part about putting the plastic wrap down… So now I have a bowl decorated with colorful paper 😉 Yours turned out much cuter!!

  • Vicky myers April 2, 2015, 1:09 am

    Good for you for trying something new, it’s so easy to stick to what we arE comfortable with. I like the results:) personally never used modge podge, I tend to stick to PVA.

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