Easy DIY Flower Headband

Easy DIY headband Tutorial

Today we’re sharing a quick DIY for when you want to add something fun to a look. You can go as big, or small, as you want with this one!

In my effort to destash my fabric I’ve found a number of craft and miscellaneous supplies as well. Like these beads I put away to use after my 2 and 1 year old wouldn’t try to eat them! Oopps, good news the 5 and 4 year old loved them.

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So when I found a bunch of felt flower buttons I decided to put them to use right away. Here’s how:

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What you need: 

*Felt flowers– I purchased mine several years ago at Jo-ann’s. You can also find them HERE. They come in several different color groups.

*Buttons- I used buttons from my stash that matched the colorway I was using. Tiny buttons like this would be fun.

*Headband- I picked mine up at Target. You’re looking for a simple elastic band, something like this would work too.

*Hot Glue Gun- Mine is old school, but I would love one with an auto shut off.

*Sheet of Felt

Easy DIY headband Tutorial

Mix, match, and stack your felt flowers in a variety of ways. I played around to make sure I had a good variety.

Easy DIY headband Tutorial

These are a firm felt, but they are still easy enough to puncture with a needle so you may notice I’ve paired some flower groupings with four hole buttons even though they only have 2 holes pre-cut.

Easy DIY headband Tutorial

Sewing the flowers and buttons together is a great project for kids and beginner sewers. Straight forward button sewing practice!

Easy DIY headband Tutorial

Once you have your stacks sewn together start playing with how to arrange them. You can add as many or as few flower stacks as you would like. I went pretty big.

Easy DIY headband Tutorial

I used a neutral felt on the background. Hot glue your pieces onto the felt in the arrangement you’ve chosen.

If you are doing this project with a younger person you’ll want to man the hot glue gun. Burnt fingers are the worst.

Use a small sharp scissors to trim away your extra felt. Then cut a second piece of felt to sandwich your headband with. I made a rectangle, the size will depend on your flower arrangement.

DIY Headband Tutorial


Lay your headband a run of glue down the center of flower backing. Secure your headband there. Then hot glue your rectangle over the top. You’ve made a nice secure sandwich.

DIY Headband Tutorial

I prefer to make my sandwich in two steps to make sure I don’t end up with cooled hot glue. I don’t have to rush this way or worry about peeling off hot glue.

DIY Headband Tutorial

Put it on your kiddo!

Easy DIY headband Tutorial
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  • Amy Mayen August 15, 2015, 8:01 am

    That’s too cute! I always wondered how they did that with the fabric flowers. I guess as long as you had a flat surface on back, the felt would hold a lot of things. My wheels are spinning:) thanks for sharing, I love the idea!

  • Rachel August 24, 2015, 8:34 am

    Fun project!

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