Fashion Doll Tulle Skirt Tutorial

DIY Barbie Tulle Skirt

Today I’m sharing a quick tutorial for a fun addition to the doll clothes bucket. Our princesses and Barbie were in need of some “fancy” clothes and I had a whole bunch of scrap tulle lying about.

DIY Barbie Tulle Skirt

This was a super fast project and now everyone can be ballerinas, princesses, ball goers, or anything else that may require a tulle skirt.

DIY Barbie Tulle Skirt DIY Barbie Tulle Skirt DIY Barbie Tulle Skirt

Here is what you’ll need:

Scrap tulle: I used pieces 5″ x 20″ . You can play with your sizes to make the skirts shorter or fuller to achieve different looks.

Ribbon: I used 5/8″ ribbon. (affiliate) Again you could use different size ribbon or style to vary your look.

Get Started on your DIY Barbie Tulle Skirt:

1. Cut your tulle. I cut a stack of tulle 5″x 20″. All of the skirts I made have 2-3 layers of tulle in them. Mix different colors together or stack more for different effects.

2. Run a gathering stitch across one of your 20″ edges. I stacked my desired layers and put the gathering stitch through all of them at once. Tulle is very light so it will likely gather as you sew.

DIY Barbie Tulle Skirt DIY Barbie Tulle Skirt

3. Pull your gathering until your skirt matches your dolls waist measurement (about). Our dolls are not all the same size so these fit a little differently on each, but no big deal. I gathered my top to 5 inches.

4. Cut your tie ribbon. Make sure you have enough to easily tie  a bow. My ribbons are about 25″ long, that leaves me with a generous bow.

5. Mark the center of your ribbon and the center of your gathered skirt. Pin those two points together. Than disperse the rest of your skirt along the ribbon.

DIY Barbie Tulle Skirt DIY Barbie Tulle Skirt

6. Sew! I sewed a line across the top and bottom of my ribbon, creating a rectangle. Now my stitching is exposed on the back of the ribbon that faces Barbie’s waist. But for my application I’m totally cool with that.

For a cleaner finish you can sandwich the skirt with two pieces of ribbon, or fold your ribbon in half over the top and enclose the waist edge.

DIY Barbie Tulle Skirt DIY Barbie Tulle Skirt DIY Barbie Tulle Skirt

Mix it up and add a snap instead of a bow to make it easier for kiddos to dress Barbie themselves. Can’t wait to see what fanciness you sew up! Pin it for later if you can reach your tulle right now and make sure to share your project on Instagram and tag us.

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  • Marsha Law March 14, 2016, 2:42 pm

    That’s adorable! I can totally see folding and gathering the other end as well and turning it into a tiny tutu.

  • Pam @Threading My Way March 14, 2016, 7:11 pm

    I was given heaps of tulle and was wondering what to do with it. The kids might even be able to ‘help’ me make some skirts. Thanks for the inspiration.

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