Fat Red Bird Woman’s Hoodie Vest

One Thimble fat red bird hoodie vest

Today I’m sharing my Fat Red Bird Woman’s Hoodie vest, and the third pattern I’ve sewn up from the just released One Thimble Issue 11. Recently I shared my Wild Things baby shoes and Rainbow cross stitch pattern also in this issue.

But before we talk about the pattern let’s back up and talk about what IS One Thimble. I had a chance to review the complete issue and let me tell you so much sewing goodness. There is the obvious draw, 12 PDF patterns. I’ve shared two already and I’m going to show you a third today- but there is so much more than that.

Issue 11 contents

The publication reads like the expectation I would have of a paper published glossy magazine. Pretty color layouts, inspiring images, and great articles.

This issues goal is to inspire you to sew something new. I think it easily does that with the wide array of types of patterns. Quilts, cross stitch, toys, kid’s apparel and woman’s. It would be easy to step out of your niche and try something new.

Along side the PDFs are inspiration and informational articles. One of my favorites gave guidance on finding inspiration for boy sewing. I know that many of us have struggled with finding the fun in boy sewing, it’s a great read for anyone sewing for a little guy.

The ezine also includes sewing tutorials. The tutorials included both finished projects and techniques. I’m itching to create my own two way pull zipper now!

I was impressed by the wide range of articles and patterns included it’s great to see such a great product available for today’s sewers.

On to today’s pattern!

One Thimble fat red bird hoodie vest

I found the Hoodie Vest a quick sew from cutting to sewing up. The vest is reversible. The cream is a knit and the reverse side is denim.

One Thimble fat red bird hoodie vest

I choose to leave off the snaps for now. I had intended to use the recommended snaps closure to maintain the reversibility, but I put it on and really liked the way it fit and laid without them. When the weather starts dropping in the Fall I may change my mind!

One Thimble fat red bird hoodie vest

The hood is really big. You could easily tuck a hat on under it. Alternatively you could use a much thicker material and still have plenty of head room.

One Thimble fat red bird hoodie vestThe pattern is packed full of construction tips. A confident beginner should be able to easily sew this up. It would be a great confidence builder if you have never sewn for yourself and are looking for a jumping off point.

You can check out the newest on Thimble HERE. And more One Thimble sewing below.

Issue 11 contents
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