Finishing a Quilt or Five….

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When Rachel and I were at the Sew Pro conference in Chicago last month, we met some great people.  The first day it seemed everyone we ran into was a quilter, had a quilting blog or sold quilts.  Although that is not our main focus, I have always loved quilting.  When the conversation went to unfinished quilts, I was more than a bit embarrassed to say that I have 5 quilts in process and another 5 that I have fabric for but have not started.

When we got back,  I had renewed energy and determination to start finishing my in process quilts.quilt-hangingThis quilt has been pinned for almost a year.  I do not have access to a long arm machine so I quilt everything on my regular sewing machine.  Getting the quilt rolled and under the pressure foot can sometimes feel like an origami process.

quilt-machining For this quilt I simply did a straight line pattern.  I divided it into 12 inch squares and used a “stitch in the ditch” method.  When I had finished that I simply stitched all the way around between the two borders.  The top of the quilt is comprised of flannel scraps and the back is a neutral quilting cotton.  I always use a transparent quilting thread on top and a bottom thread to match the quilt back.  quilt-threadQuilting thread reminds me of fishing line.  It is sturdy and does not break easily, so it is perfect for my quilts, which are greatly used and not always gently.

The rest of my unfinished quilts are in various stages of piecing.  The one promised to my youngest daughter for her wedding is still in pieces.  They recently celebrated their second anniversary. Needless to say I am a bit behind.

With the remodel going on right now, my sewing area is temporary and quite full of all kinds of things not sewing related.  I have been sewing, but to say it is a challenge would not be an understatement.

quilt-sewingroomThis is the current state of my sewing area.  There is much rearranging and moving things around.  Finding things is a feat of great proportions.

I am hoping to make progress throughout the fall and winter months.  Are you overwhelmed with unfinished projects?  Or are you a one a time kind of sewer?

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