Free Pattern and Tutorial: Tie It Up Cardi

This has been another crazy winter.  Sometimes the sun  comes out and we hit the 35-40 F degree mark.  Other times we don’t see the sun for days on end and it snows or is just cloudy and windy.  It is on those days that we need one more layer.  Out of that need we have created a free pattern for you.  It is a size 3, drafted for our petite almost 4 year old.

TIe it up cardi free pattern

It is designed for a soft knit and is a quick sew and will work great over a t-shirt for an extra layer of warmth.  Easy on and off to help accommodate temperature changes.  Made out of knit there will be no fraying of fabric, so there is no need to finish seam allowances.  A favorite design element of ours is present in the unfinished tie.  The knit tie will curl at the neck edge, giving it a slight lettuce look.  Quick, easy and functional.  We find that M loves knits and will choose them first whenever able.  The tie can become a bow or a knot.

The Tie It Up Cardi

Download the Free size 3 PDF HERE.

(You will be directed to our Craftsy shop for Download. The pattern is free, but you will need an account, they are also free. If you open a new account we receive a small affiliate amount- thanks!) 


Main Fabric: 1 yard knit

Contrast: 1/4 yard knit


2 Fronts, 1 Back on fold,  2 Sleeves on fold.  Your fronts will be mirror images.  Cut your fabric with the stretch going around the body.

You will also need a length of contrasting knit 3x the length of your neck edge.  Mine measured 51″ long and 3″ wide.  The stretch will go the long way of your fabric.

You will use a 3/8″ Seam Allowance. 

1. Sew front to back at shoulder seams RST.  Knit fabric will not fray so you do not need to finish your seam allowance.  Press seam allowance open.front to back illustration2. Pin the center of your sleeve to the shoulder seam RST.  Pin the end of your sleeve to the underarm edge and pin and ease until you have the sleeve pinned all the way around.  Ease by gently pulling your sleeve as needed. Do not stretch your armhole. Sew.  Repeat with the other sleeve.  Press your seams open.tie it up sleeve3. Fold your cardi in half and sew from the edge of the sleeve to the hem on both sides.  Press seams open.tie it up side seams4. Turn under 3/8″ on the sleeve and hem.  Stitch hem with a double needle.  If you do not have a double needle you may stitch close to the folded edge and then again 1/4″ from first stitching line.

5. Turn under 3/8″ on both fronts and press.  Stitch front hems with a double needle.  Again, if you don’t have a double needle, you may stitch close to the folded edge and then again 1/4″ from the first stitching line.  You will then turn under and press the bottom edge in the same fashion.  Stitch as before.

6. Attach your tie.  Fold your tie in half.  Mark the center of your tie and match to the center of the cardi.  This next part is easy.  Sandwich the top edge of the cardi inside the folded tie about 1″. The raw edge of your neckline should be sitting against the inside folded edge of your neckband. Pin well to avoid tie

7. Top stitch the neck tie in place sewing from one front edge around the back and ending at the second neck edge.  Your stitching line will be 3/8″ inch in from the raw edge of your neckband. Remember to backstitch and the beginning and end of your stitching lines. Your neck tie will have a raw edge on the front side and the wrong side.  The more you wash and wear this little cardi, the more the edge will curl.tie it up stitching line


Wear it, show it off and post it to the OUSM Designs Facebook Page. If you are not yet a member  come and visit.



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  • Amy mayen January 28, 2015, 8:09 am

    That’s too cute!! I love the curling necktie.

  • Sarah Helene January 31, 2015, 11:49 am

    7easy steps to sewing your Tie it up Cardi for kids . . . Practical & versatile, especially sewn with a soft knit fabric! LOVE your photo shoot coordinated with instructions in your tutorial. Thanks for sharing! Sarah in Minneapolis

  • Jennifer Lopez December 26, 2017, 5:23 am

    Simply Beautiful! Thanks for Sharing.. Animal Embroidery Designs

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