Gift Guide for Sewers : What to Get Someone who Sews

December is one of my favorite times of year. I have a huge fondness for Christmas lights and glitter. I love unwrapping the special decorations I’ve inherited from family members, some no longer here, and find special places for them in the house. It’s a great time to feel wrapped in family, even this year our first Christmas after a move has taken us further away physically.

To celebrate our new tall ceilings in our living space my husband brought home a 15′ Tree. In case you were wondering that is a massive tree. I was half expecting wild life to come sprinting out when he dragged it in to the house.

But for today how about we talk about the things to put UNDER the tree. I’m sharing a small round up of lovely things to gift to the sewer in your life (or links to pass to others if that’s you!)

As a maker I appreciate the work of other makers. So this list is comprised of gifts others have created with their hands, something sewers can appreciate.  This post contains Affiliate links. 


This could seriously be my anthem. Many sewers need to slide sewing into early mornings or late evenings. Our coffee mugs are close companions by the sewing machine. Find the Mug. 


Who needs a cute pin cushion? We all do. The toadstools are my favorite on this guy. It passes my criteria for decorative pin cushions, easy to use and would still look cute with pins in it! Find the pincushion. 


Modern sewing room art can be hard to find. This watercolor fits the bill. I can see this piece fitting in to many different spaces! Whether you have a dedicated room or a nook carved out with a space above the sewing machine calling out for something special.

Amourable Art is offering you a special deal. Use coupon code “onceuponasew” for 20% off your purchase on our etsy store now thru December 31st. Find the Watercolor.


In a press for time? This sweet printable offers faster turnaround time for those more last minute shoppers (guilty). The classic tomato pin cushion resonates with all of us sewers! Find the printable.


Do you know what every sewing chair needs? This pillow. Maybe it’s just my poor posture, but a pillow is a welcome addition to those hours at a sewing machine. And even if we’re not being practical this would be a fun pop to any sewers space. Find the pillow. 


I like to sewing tshirt up when I’m ready to get serious in the sewing room. Though this is a cute tank whether you’re sitting behind a machine or running around town. Find the shirt.


I’m currently using cans for pattern weights- which are not anywhere near as awesome as these donuts. For those shopping for the sewers in their lives, pattern weights are a super handy tool that hold your pattern in place while you cut avoiding the need to pin into your fabric.  Find these pattern weights. As of Friday evening the donuts were sold out, but um Macarons? 


Does the sewer in your life hold pins in their mouth while they sew? Break that habit! Wrist pincushions are easy to use and eliminate any excuses for those of us still risking inhaling a pin. And if you’re going to rock a pin cushion it should look great, right? Find the pincushion.

Bonus! The pattern for this wrist pin cushion is also available. Pick up the pattern and package it up with an assortment of fabric your sewer will love.

Happy Shopping for your favorite sewer!


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  • Crystal December 7, 2016, 7:44 am

    Great collection of gifts for seamstresses! And thanks for including my pillow cover as well!!!

  • Oh Sew Quaint December 9, 2016, 4:34 pm

    Thank you so much for featuring my pattern weights in this gift guide. What a great selection of gifts, my wishlist is getting longer and longer 😀

  • Carolyn January 4, 2017, 3:44 am

    ah I need that mug! Oh and the cute tank top too! Thanks for sharing these 😀

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