Grown Up Thumbs Up: Sweater Style

A while back I found this comfy fleece lined sweater knit at Joann Fabrics.  I bought 3 yards thinking I would make a cardigan or something else comfy.  I decided upon making a Grown Up Thumbs UP!  I knew that I wanted something with a high neck and a longer tunic length.thumbs up title

I made this for an outing I was going to with my family.  Because we are entering cooler weather I made the long sleeve version, with the cowl neck.  I did size up one, mostly because this knit does not have as much ease as a t-shirt knit.  I feel like it is  a little big, so the upsizing was probably not necessary.  I used a lighter weight knit with a 30% stretch for the contrast.   Of course, I did not have enough, so ended up using the sweater knit for the underside of the cowl.  This gives it a very stable fit and it stays up more like a turtleneck.  That being said it is a little snug going over my head.  I feel it would be more slouchy if I would have used the lighter knit for both sides of the cowl.thumbs up front

Of course the thumbs are the favorite part!
thumbs up thumbcuff

All of my sisters thought I should sew one for them.  Unfortunately, none of them got the sewing gene.  thumbs up thumb

Have you gotten your Grown Up Thumbs Up pattern yet?  You can even bundle it with the original Thumbs Up Tee.  Find it HERE.   I have another cut of this fleece lined sweater knit.  I have not yet decided what to sew with it.

Have you sewn with this sweater fleece?  What have you made?  I am looking for ideas!

Happy Sewing, Donna

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  • Vicky Myers November 9, 2015, 10:16 am

    What a fun and warm make – looks super cosy:)

  • Amy M November 9, 2015, 2:00 pm

    I love your sweater, it’s cute and looks comfy and snuggly warm. I’m REALLY loving your hair too! You look fabulous and so happy in these photos. Good to see you again, Donna!

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