Hanging Kitchen Towels {Pattern and Tutorial}

Hanging Kitchen Towel Pattern and Template

My kitchen is often littered with towels. Between cooking for 2 kids all day, the kitchen serving as a pass through for all backyard activities, and no dishwasher the chances you will find a kitchen towel jammed in a handle of a cabinet, oven handle, or just about anywhere there is a flat surface is high.

A few years back Donna did a post on hanging towels and I have been meaning to make up a set ever since.  I made up a small set out of stash fabric and large kitchen towels I had been using- but were a little unruly to handle.

Hanging Kitchen Towel Pattern and Template


I made mine just a little differently than the original post, but both method works just as well.

Start by printing out your template. 

Cut 2 for each towel you plan to make.

1. I pressed my bottom 3/8″ seam allowance up first.

Hanging Kitchen Towel Pattern and Template

2. Then I sewed my two pieces right sides together along the marked seam allowances. Keeping the bottom seam allowance turned up.

Hanging Kitchen Towel Pattern and Template

3. Clip along your curves, turn right side out and press.

4. Prep your kitchen towel. I was using a really light large towel. I cut my towel in half and then ran a gathering stitch across the top.

In our original post we are using thicker kitchen towels, these are also cut in half, but then folded in thirds instead of gathered.

Both methods work. They yield slightly different looks and one may work better with the towel you choose.

5. Insert your towel, either gathered or folded, into the open edge of your towel and stitch the closed at the edge.

Hanging Kitchen Towel Pattern and Template

6. Sew your buttonhole where marked on the template.

7. Test your towel where you will be hanging it and sew button on desired spot. Handles can be all different sizes, to make sure your towel is going to fit yours give it a test hang.

I sewed my buttons on while we were at a family cabin, they work great on my drawer handles, but I didn’t allow enough room to for my oven handle. Lesson learned.

This is a really quick project that makes a great scrap buster or hostess gift. Like themed kitchen towels? You could make these up for seasons or holidays.

Hanging Kitchen Towel Pattern and Template

Happy Sewing,


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  • Meriel A July 17, 2015, 10:58 am

    Perfect! I was just thinking about making these, thank you!!

  • Daniela July 17, 2015, 1:18 pm

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing

  • Jenny Pepper April 28, 2017, 5:25 pm

    I dry my towels by using one of those coat hangers with the clips for trousers.

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