How to Easily and Evenly Gather a Sleeve

How to gather easily and evenly

You probably think you’ve got this gathering thing down. But I’m guessing you’re using a shortcut without even knowing it. Want to know how to save yourself the cursing that comes with a broken gathering stitch, and how to achieve evenly dispersed gathers?

Day 2 of the Cecilia Tee Sew Along we are going to focus on getting you a perfectly gathered puff sleeve. This is proper gathering technique and will serve you well with all your sewing projects! Before you get started you will have sewn your front and backs together at the shoulder (refer to the instructions for diagram). You will also have prepped your sleeve with the cuff band. I’m choosing to omit the cuff band for more of a flutter sleeve look.

This quick video will give you the run down.

*additional note: your gathering/basting stitch should always be a straight stitch even on knits

Be sure to come back tomorrow for tips on matching up your seams perfectly.

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Sew Along

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Tuesday- How to Gather your sleeve properly

Wednesday-How to Sew perfectly matched seams

Thursday- How to Sew a Neckband

Friday- How to Hem Knits

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  • Carmen June 9, 2015, 10:54 pm

    Great tutorial

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