How to Sew T Shirts

Making a simple t-shirt is a most useful skill. You can use any solid color and match
or contrast the outfit or use a fun knit to co ordinate. You will be using a single
knit fabric. These single knits are usually a blend of cotton and polyester. They are
stretchy and come in a wide range of colors and patterns.

I’m using Simplicity 5284. Cut your pieces as directed. This pattern is designed with a center back seam. The back can be laid on the fold to eliminate the center back seam. If you are working with a smaller piece, or if you like the look you may simply sew the center back seam.

How to sew t shirts
First sew the shoulder seams and the center back.

How to sew t shirts

Now it is time to set the sleeves. I like to sew the sleeve in before the side seam is closed because it is much easier to get a smoother line. After you are satisfied that
you do not have any puckers and your seam is smooth, sew the side seams.

how to sew t shirts

The last thing you will do is add the ribbing around the neck. There are a couple
of different ways to finish the neckline. You can use ribbing designed especially
for necklines and cuffs or you can the same fabric that you made you shirt out of.
I decided to just use my leftover fabric for the ribbing here. Your neckline piece
should be 75% of the entire neck measurement. To be sure it will fit over your little
persons’ head, always measure! You can take your neck binding and stretch around
the head that it will be going over. This will assure that the shirt will fit over the

How to sew t shirts

Press, and put on your little guy!

I have chosen to sew my seams with a 5/8 inch seam and then run the finished
seams through the serger to overcast the edges. This gives a little better longevity
and durability when going through the washer. The knit will not fray and you can
sew with a normal seam allowance. Once you get the hang of your sewing machine,
this entire project should take you less than one hour from cut out to pulling over
your little one’s head!

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