I Heart You a Baby Quilt

Baby quilt, Heart Pixel Yarn tied quilt
Heart Quilt, Baby Quilt

I’m as guilty as the next pinner on Pinterest. So many projects, so many boards, so many pins. But when I saw this pin in my feed shortly before Valentine’s day I knew I needed to make this one! The Pin I was inspired by was actually inspired by another quilt, and I’ve seen others since then so I’m happy to add mine the heart quilt collection!

Scroll to the bottom for a collection of my favorite heart quilts and tutorials.

Heart Quilt, Baby Quilt

I made a small floor quilt for my little to roll around and grab her toys on. It’s a great size for her to play on, and as a bonus, it has a semi-permanent spot on my living room floor. So I get to see it and enjoy it throughout the day.

Heart Quilt, Baby Quilt

The kids tromp over it and she drools on it- this thing has been well loved already. But that’s what I like to sew, things that are loved bare. I hand knotted yarn into the heart, which has proven an interesting feature for baby to try and open and close her little hand around.

Heart Quilt, Baby Quilt

The pink of the heart is made up of scraps and fat quarters waiting for a home in my stash. A few of the white squares were from my stash but in large part, I did purchase three prints to make up the white background. I wanted a stronger contrast than I could create with what I had on hand.

Heart Quilt, Baby QuiltI used 3″ squares, my inspiration uses 5″. My older two had a great time helping me layout the design. And both immediately put in requests for quilts of their own. The last time I made a quilt I was pregnant with my first, so I was probably well overdue.

Heart Quilt, Baby QuiltIt is entirely imperfect, but it may be one of the favorite things I’ve sewn in a while. Have you sewn anything out of your normal lately? How did it go for you?

Here are my favorite Heart Quilt Tutorials:

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  • Pam @Threading My Way February 24, 2016, 11:53 pm

    A beautiful quilt, Rachel. Loving the background contrasting against the pinks in the heart. Looks like it’s going to be well used.

  • Annie February 25, 2016, 10:10 am

    Sweet quilt! Love the colors!

  • Melissa February 29, 2016, 11:07 am

    That is gorgeous!! I think it looks amazing and wish I had the patience to make something like that.

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