Kid’s Clothes Week- The Plan to Upcycle and Destash

kid's clothes weekIt’s Kid’s Clothes Week! I have sat the last couple out, but this week I’ve decided to sew along and try to knock a few lingering projects off of my to do list. For those who haven’t heard heard of KCW it’s a seasonal challenge that encourages you to sew 1 hour a day for 7 days for your kids.

This week’s theme is Upcycled. I admit at first I was a little luke warm on it. Then I realized I really had a big pile of stuff waiting to be upcycled. I posted my giant pile on Instagram…it’s worse than it looks.

I started thinking how else could I embrace the challenge. It has been another goal of mine to use my stashed patterns. So this KCW I’m sewing my upcycles and stashed patterns. I made a reasonable-ish list.


First up the BIMAA. If you were on the internet  last year you probably remember the Bimaa. There was a Bimaa explosion. And really can blame anyone, it’s a great pattern. But somewhere in the massive amount of inspiration I got completely stuck and never sewed one up!

The Butler Britches. I purchased these in a pattern bundle last spring.  I admit I don’t plan on using upcycle fabrics for this one- but I am using fabric I’ve had in my stash for awhile waiting for a great project for my little guy.

Trio of Circle Skirts This is a free pattern for being a part of My Treasured Heirloom’s Facebook group. A cute set of skirts it will be good for M to layer over leggings.

I’m holding these three items to my really want to get done list. Yep THREE.

Donna is sewing this week too! She promised O a new Thumbs Up Tee.  We’ve seen lots of great upcycles using this pattern. If you’re sewing on up this week make sure to join our Facebook group and share it there. Remember our Facebook group is where we will be hosting tester calls and sharing an occasional special discount)

Are you sewing for Kids Clothes Week? Do you have a plan?

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