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Maternity Grown Up Thumbs Up

I’m officially days away from my due date, whether or not baby agrees we’ll see! It also means I’ve hit that point where even maternity shirts start not fitting, and you’re left with the bottom belly that just doesn’t want to stay tucked into shirts.

Here in the Midwest while Fall and Winter set in- this is rather problematic. It’s part of the reason we gave the Grown Up Thumbs Up Maternity pieces more generous length and tummy space. In the final month of a pregnancy you want stuff to fit! 

Maternity Grown Up Thumbs Up

I made up this top out a pretty thick white knit. I would say it’s a borderline sweatshirt knit. That’s the thing about warehouse shopping- lots of mystery fabric. It’s soft and will work well as a tunic during my, hopefully very soon, post bump days.

The Grown Up Thumbs Up, which includes the maternity option with the women’s pattern, has several neckline options. I made up the cowl neck here. You may recall I hacked this pattern to give it a deeper neck earlier this summer.

Maternity Grown Up Thumbs Up

But let’s face it the big fun here are the thumbhole cuffs.

Maternity Grown Up Thumbs Up

It’s been awhile since I’ve sewn one of these cuffs up and it’s always fun to watch the twisting and turning suddenly turn into a finished cuff. If you’ve never made one of these before the pattern includes a video link to help you through it! Maternity Grown Up Thumbs UpI’ve been working on keeping busy over here on last minute sewing projects. Hopefully soon I’ll have pictures of tiny toes to post instead of a big belly 🙂

Maternity Grown Up Thumbs Up

Happy Sewing,


Pattern: Grown Up Thumbs Up

Fabric: White and Gray knit- Fabric Warehouse

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  • Amy Mayen September 30, 2015, 4:40 pm

    That shirt looks comfy and cute! And you are just gorgeous too. Ant dang day now…I’ve just been over here waiting and waiting. Lol. I bet you can’t wait to sit comfortably in your sewing chair!

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