Mr. and Mrs. Moonface

mr. and mrs. moonface pillows One Thimble 18
It’s One Thimble time! Issue 18 * was released this week. One Thimble an online sewing magazine releases quarterly with an assortment of patterns, sewing articles, and tutorials.

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Springtime Table Runner-Book Review

It is about this time of year, shortly after all the Christmas decorations are put to sleep for another year, that I get really anxious for spring.  Living my entire life in the midwest, I know spring is not going to arrive for quite some time.  So the next best thing is to give the house a little facelift.

I use runners all over my house. I love tables and trunks and use them in every room.  I love to quilt, but there comes a time when you just don’t need another quilt.  Enter table runners.  I can use up stash and finish a small project all at the same time!  BONUS! I went into my stash and pulled some of my favorite leftovers.

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DIY Hanging Towels | Hand Stamped Towels

DIY Hanging Towel | Perk up your kids bathroom with a handstamped towel that they can't toss on the ground every time they use it. Great for kitchens too!

On Monday we ran through how to make your own stamp with a pantry staple in a quick five minutes. If you missed that post check out the potato stamp tutorial here. 

If you are armed and ready with your potato (or any other stamp of your choice) let’s make some cute hanging towels.

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DIY Potato Stamp | How to make your own stamp

Valentines is fast approaching and a fun craft was in order. Painting is always a huge hit at our house so we created some custom stamps and got messy.

Since my toddler was going to get first go at the potato stamps while big sister was at school I wrapped our kitchen table in paper. My favorite for this is an IKEA roll.

DIY Potato Stamp | How to make your own stamp from a simple pantry staple. Quick and easy kid's craft valentine.

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Laela Jeyne Wanderlust

Ivy Trouser PDF pattern Laela Jeyne patterns

I’m going to lead with a confession. I think it has been nearly two years since I’ve sewn a functional fly into a pair of pants.

I was really excited to sew up Laela Jeyne’s new Ivy Trousers pattern. Not in small part because my drawer is full of ill-fitting RTW bottoms that I have really been meaning to do something about. I collected my supplies, cut my muslin, proceed to get sewing and then hit the zipper installation.

Have you ever been caught in a wave of theme park excitement bought tickets, stood in line, clicked into a rollercoaster car only to get to the top of the first big drop and remember you are totally terrified of rollercoasters?

Me too.

While it’s probably dramatic to compare zipper installation to dropping hundreds of feet at 60 mph, I was nervous, and since these pants need a functional fly I was also at a point of no return.

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WendyBird Dress Pattern

Do you remember a couple years ago when you couldn’t walk into a fabric store without bumping into rows of chevron fabric or shop online without the store recommending you pick up a matching chevron with that? There were multitudes of posts and tutorials on how to cut chevron fabric, match it at seams and sew it so it didn’t look like a big hot mess.

Anyone who has sewn with this fabric, which be real is many of us, have cried into our poorly matched chevrons we spent too much time on at least once.

This fabric has been in my stash for at least 2 years. It came in a batch of imperfect fabrics. It doesn’t have much stretch and is slightly off grain, and CHEVRONS. It is the stuff of nightmares. My child has been asking me to use it for ages.

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Horse Stuffed Animal Pattern

PDF Stuffed Horse Sewing Pattern
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Stuffed animal sewing is not for the faint of heart if you ask me. Though I’m sure that others would happily sew an entire army of stuffies before cracking open a legging pattern, I do not number among those.

My kids, however, do not appreciate the difference and see my sewing machine as a place that can magically produce stuffed animals. And occasionally it has like this dragon that continues to be loved (and also stitched back together regularly) and these little hamsters I blogged in the summer that are well-loved pocket pets.

Last summer when we were all home together I stretched my skills and achieved what I think was my most successful stuffies to date. Meet the Floppy Filly horses. 

PDF horse sewing pattern

After picking out their pattern I took the kids to the store and let them pick out their own fabric.  They went in slightly different directions……

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Ankle Boot Cuffs!

I went shoe shopping with my toddler a few months back. Anyone who has shoe shopped with a toddler knows this is a poor plan. I was in a hurry to pick up a replacement boot for falling temps. I had gone through the sole of boots the last couple of years. I had to admit to myself after wearing these a few times that they were maybe a tiny bit snug. Too late I was committed. While they have become a bit less pinchy these boots still do better with a thin sock. Enter Ankle Boot Cuffs.

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DIY Teacher’s Gift

You know that moment when you realize you really meant to get a teacher gift? Or you just wanted to add something personal? I found my go to.

This one.two. pattern is found in the newest issue of One Thimble. (affiliate) It is quick quick quick. Like, sew it before school with cute scraps quick. Not that I would have ever found myself in that spot.

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Coloring Book Fabric Miriam Skirt

miriam skirt ousm designs Once Upon a Sewing Machine

We’re getting into the groove of the school year, which means a little more time for some sewing. I have never been ambitious enough to sew full new wardrobes for school, but I do like to inject some special pieces.

For today I’m sharing a promised project that was, admission, months in the making.

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