Pattern Parcel #4 – Knight Hoodie

Knight Hoodie

Have you gotten  your Perfect Pattern Parcel yet?  We are down to the last few days.  Be sure you hop over and check out all the great boy patterns available.  The bonus pattern in the boy’s Pattern Parcel is the Knight Hoodie by Charming Doodle.  This is the perfect jacket for a little boy getting ready to fight his own crusade!

Knight Hoodie

It’s been a long time since I worked with sweatshirt fleece.  Although some of the seams got pretty thick, my machine did not complain too much.  The directions are well written and easy to follow.  There are fun accents on this hoodie that really makes it special.  Arm, shoulder and hood armor are fun and easy to sew.

Knight Hoodie Knight Hoodie

The buttons I chose reminded me of a coat of arms.  The perfect accent for a Knighted Crusader.   I like the way all the pieces are prepped before you begin sewing the garment.  Once you begin you keep on trucking.  There is no stopping to construct the shoulder armor or the the hood armor.  All those pieces now just get attached as you go!  This is my favorite method of construction.

Knight Hoodie

With the days getting shorter and the sun lower in the sky, the cool mornings tell us fall is definetly on the way.  This will be a good jacket for the transition season we are entering.

Knight Hoodie

Be sure that you pick up you Perfect Pattern Parcel before it is too late!  See the Small Fry Skinny Jeans we sewed up here.

Knight Hoodie

Happy Sewing, Donna

No Bloggers were injured after arming the child for the photoshoot

Knight Hoodie

Pattern Parcel #4
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  • Amy Mayen September 3, 2014, 9:08 pm

    So glad no one was injured!! That made me laugh. I think every boy would love this hoodie. It’s the cleverest pattern! I’m glad to know it’s fairly easily put together. O looms very handsome, and big!

  • Rachel September 3, 2014, 9:11 pm

    That is such an awesome pattern. You found the perfect buttons! Cannot wait for the tween/teen/adult version to come out.

  • Jan September 3, 2014, 10:07 pm

    Looks like the perfect “little” Boy pattern – however, no little or otherwise boys in my life at the present…
    Busily sewing for a WONDERFUL little girl at the moment!
    Love your patterns and instructions.

  • Cindy September 7, 2014, 2:15 pm

    What an awesome jacket! I agree…those buttons are perfect for a Knight Hoodie.:)

  • Kristina and Millie September 12, 2014, 6:14 pm

    totally in love with this pattern! So awesome! He looks pretty comfy in his knights armor as well. 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us @ Snickerdoodle Sunday!

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