Pattern Review: Banyan Pants

Banyan Pant Review

Picking the Pattern

Banyan Pant Review If you follow us you know we are always on the lookout for a good boy’s pant pattern.  They are not easy to come by.  Pull on elastic pants are fine for the little ones and even our 3 1/2 year old toddler does well in them .   Easy on – easy off.  In O’s case mostly easy off.  There are times that we are just looking for a little more style.  Rachel picked up this FIGGY pattern a while back in a bundle and never got around to sewing them up.    I was more than happy to try them out. I used a little bit of a less traditional boy color for some extra fun.


These pants appealed to me for several reasons.  I like side pockets and the pleated front. The cuffs makes it a little more sophisticated than average.

I am a fan of how the instructions are laid out from the very beginning.   The pieces that need interfacing are listed at the start.  Interfaced pieces are pictured as well further down the line.

She also has you do all pleats, darts and pockets together.  Which is great, I would rather place all pleats and darts at once and prep all pockets and apply/insert at once.  I had not done side pockets in this fashion before.  I definitely will use this application again.

On to the zipper.  I must admit this also was a new zipper application for me.  I found the instructions and pictures well written and easy to follow. I could not believe how easy the zipper went in.

Banyan Pant Review

Back pocket


Back to the zipper- As easy as the zipper was to insert,  it has a rather narrow fly.  I like my fly flap top stitching to be a little further from center than it is.  That is just a personal preference and has nothing to do with the instructions but more to do with the design.  I may make the fly flap wider when I make these pants next time.

I bar tacked at the base of the zipper as well as the side, due to the fact that I needed to shorten the zipper.  The only zipper I could find in the correct color was 9 inches.  Of course it was.  I have been on a roll lately.  All my zippers have needed shortening.

I felt the waistband application was cumbersome.  Again this was a different waistband application than what I typically use.

That being said I am VERY please with the final outcome.  The waist lays flat and the zipper and the edges meet perfectly.  I did find the left and right sides short.  I needed to fudge seam allowances since I did not have the 1/2 inch that I should have had.  Again, I may have made  an error in some other seam allowance.  I must admit I am not very exact when sewing seam allowances on garments.  I also stitched my elastic in place, as I have a hard time believing tucking it would keep it where it belonged.

banyan pants review


I sewed up the 4/5.  Normally O wears a 4T.  He has been growing lately and is a little on the big end for his age.  He is tall and also has biker thighs!   he is overall proportioned well, so I was hoping this would work.  Of course we have spoken before about being 350 miles apart and not having access to little people bodies on a regular basis.

They are pretty long. Since the cuff is narrow they stay at his ankle so there is a fair amount of extra pant in the body. The waist is just a snidge tight. We think when he springs up to a 5T height he may thin a bit too, or well move the button a little.’

Banyan Pant Review

Verdict Is:

All in all I am very pleased with the outcome of these pants.  I used a light weight linen fabric and they are crisp and cool and stylish.  O announced that he liked his green pants and put them on a few times- but never long enough for pictures.  Time will tell hopefully once the he grows into the fit they will go into regular rotation. The other up side,  these pants are great for boys or girls and this color will be great on M as well.

Based on the pants, we think the shorts would be really cute- though a bit more girly.

Do you have a pant pattern that you are in love with?  Let us know.  We are always on the lookout.

Happy Sewing,


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  • Amy Mayen June 13, 2013, 1:31 pm

    I got this pattern in the big bundle too. Thanks for the review! I’ve been wanting to sew then up for a while. Like you, I wanted a funky color. Are you going to sew the banyan tank anytime soon? They turned out very cute, & I’ll watch out for the trouble spots:)

  • Pam June 14, 2013, 5:40 am

    I’m pleased you reviewed this pattern, as I’ve had it for ages and haven’t sewn it up yet. And I can totally relate to sewing when the kids are not living in the same house.

  • Cindy June 14, 2013, 7:54 am

    I LOVE the color of these pants! They are quite stylish with their pleats and cuffs.:)

  • olga beckerr June 14, 2013, 11:46 am

    They turned out great! Thank you for the reveiw!

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