Pippa Dress for the Spring

Pippa Peplum with circle skirt

There are a few patterns that remain staples in the sewing cycle, and the Pippa peplum is one.

Pippa Peplum with circle skirt

The favorite Pippa’s have been those with the circle skirt add on. She wore her first circle skirt Pippa until it was nearly a top on her and took a fair amount of elbow grease to get on and off. And her sequin Pippa was retired with tears after she got stuck in it. In other words she was due a replacement dress.

Pippa Peplum with circle skirt

The Pippa has a shorter and longer sleeve, this is the longer. A quick sew this dress made use of leftover fabric and styled by the 4 year old.

Pippa Peplum with circle skirt

Spin check!

Happy Sewing,

Rachel and Donna

Pattern: Pippa Peplum See Kate Sew




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