Quick No Sew Memory Ornaments

No Sew Ornament

No Sew OrnamentSince I brought my first destroyer of decorations and home decor home from the hospital I haven’t done a lot of decorating at the holidays. But now that everyone has a tiny bit more impulse control we’ve been taking out more and more things. I do, however, stick to things that are relatively unbreakable.

We made these quick little hand ornaments to decorate a garland swag over a doorway. If you have a little bit bigger kids they can help with a bunch of these steps!

You will need:

Child’s hand

Freezer Paper (I get mine from the grocery store)



Misc. decoration you may want to add (I reused some pieces of an old wreath)

No Sew Ornament

Trace your little hands onto your freezer paper. Use a smooth hard surface, like a book. Thanks for the help Martha!

No Sew OrnamentI’ve got one hand from each kid. You can do the pair if you prefer. I used scrap freezer paper so there are some other lines on it, that won’t matter.

No Sew OrnamentCut out your little hands. Don’t use your sewing scissors. Snag your preschooler’s.

No Sew OrnamentIron your freezer paper hands shiny side down to your fabric. You don’t have to go crazy with the iron- that would be a bad idea on fleece or felt. Keep a lowish heat, press gently and not for real long, you just want the hands to stick down. If you’re nervous about melting your fabric or making a mess you can always pin down your pattern.

I did the above and didn’t have an issue, but ironer beware fleece and felt WILL melt if you aren’t careful.

No Sew OrnamentI cut two hands from each kid.

No Sew OrnamentFold your hand in half. Make a tiny snip.

No Sew OrnamentPull a short piece of ribbon through your hole. Tie a knot at the top to create a loop. You could be done here if you like!

No Sew OrnamentI knotted a second piece of ribbon around my little added decoration. Then tied that piece of ribbon into a bow around my loop.

No Sew OrnamentMy kids loved their little hands. They picked out the perfect spot for them. Then we decorated cookies which is code for dumping as much candy or sprinkles you can on a cookie- and eat the rest.

Happy Sewing,


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