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Rock Pool Catch, a handmade toy

This summer has been very quiet in my sewing room, my machines having been abandoned for afternoons at the beach. Which made the project I’m sharing with you today seem fairly appropriate.

I sewed up the Rock Pool Catch toy that is included in the newest issue of One Thimble. Can you believe it’s issue 20! If you have been a reader for a while you know we are a fan of One Thimble and have made items from many of their releases.

Since my sewing room is a bit harder to spend time in during my kids summer vacation I made a project this round that looked like it would be well suited to hand stitching on the go. I didn’t exactly follow instructions so I’ll let you know what I adjusted.

Rock Pool Catch handmade toy

The Rockpool catch features a number of small sea creatures and a fishing hook. The bonus catch bag opens up into a circle for your sea creatures to live in and serves as both your rock pool and carrying bag.

This was my largest departure. The tiny sea creatures are actually intended to be sewn on a machine and turned right side out then ladder stitched closed. Because I wanted to take mine with me to playgrounds to sew I blanket stitched my edges together.

And because I couldn’t help myself I also bedazzled them with beads and sequins. This is super easy and fun to do. I have a short tutorial if you want to add some bling to your sea creatures. 

Rock Pool Catch toy

We don’t have rock pools buy us but they seem like fun places full of exciting creatures. My kids love chasing the tadpoles through the lake so I’m sure these are quite the adventure.

The toy came with a pattern for a fishing hook to be attached to a pole also. Now my near three year old has had some recent issues with large sticks and in order to avoid more sibling victims, I adjusted the pole. Leaving off the dowel I just created a ribbon loop.

Ready for the fun?

Magnets! There is a magnet in the fishing pole which attracts to a washer in the little sea creatures so you can “fish” them out of your rock pool.

I made my little crab as instructed (I can sometimes follow the instructions). I used a Kam snap for his eyes.

I did not have any large washers so I dropped 2-3 smaller ones in my little animals and they work great.

Do you have any handmade toys in your house? They are fun to add into the mix.

You can pick up the entire of issue of One Thimble now. (affiliate link) There are a ton of cute kids clothes patterns that will also have you beach ready.

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Rock Pool Catch a handmade toy


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