Sew Perfectly Matched Seams

sew perfectly matched seams

Making a great finished garment is all in the details. One of the big ones? Matching up your seams.

Today’s tutorial is going to give you tips on getting nicely lined up seams on your garments.

It is day 3 of our Cecilia Tee Sew along, we’ll be sewing your shirt together. Now that you’ve gathered and set your sleeve you’ll be closing up your side seams. On the Cecilia this will mean you are matching up your cuff band seams and your armholes. (keep in mind for my example pictures I’ve chosen to omit the cuff band) 

1. Press open your seam allowance, this is my under arm seam. If you have serged you can reduce bulk by pushing one serged seam forward and one back.


sew a perfectly matched seam2. Push your pin point directly through the seams you want to match.

how to sew matched seams

3. Continue the movement of your pin by pinning the two seams together with your pin running perpendicular to your side seam.

tutorial matching seams

4. Sew your seam- slowly. Now it is “against the rules” to sew over pins. This and stripes is where I always go ahead and break that. Pay attention to what you’re doing and go slow. You don’t want to hit a pin. You can break a needle and really muck your machine.

Serging tips– You obviously can not be sewing over pins with your serger. Sergers also tend to push your fabric around a bit. If you are not a super confident serger I recommend laying in a basting stitch on your standard machine, and then finishing your seam with your serger.

I use my serger often, especially with knits, I still know I can get a better match on my machine. I use this trick with smaller stripes especially and when I really want to make sure I’ve got nice clean matches on my seams.

Sew up both your side seams! Just add neckband and hem to go….

Happy Sewing,


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