Sewing Women’s Knickers

PDF underwear pattern
I’ve said it before there are a few things I never thought that I would sew. Underwear is one of them. Then one day, somehow, I made a pair for the kids.
It was a fun project, a great scrap buster, and oddly satisfying. So now from time to time, I like to bust out a stack of knickers for myself too. I was happy to join in the Bespoke Briefs tour because I had been planning on doing just.
Are underwear capsule wardrobe things? If so I have a Fall underwear capsule cut and ready to go. Here are the first two.

PDF underwear pattern
I’ve tried several patterns in the past and I have to say this pattern produced the most professional and least “homemade” pair of briefs.
There are several options for finishing the edges. I choose to go with fold-over-elastic (affiliate link). It was super slick. It went on fast and I think the finish makes them look ready to wear.
And they are comfortable!
PDF underwear pattern
It’s a 3 piece assembly which is nice for using smaller pieces. Everything is nicely enclosed inside where you want it to be. I like the wrap around style also.
PDF underwear pattern
I made the medium based on my measurements and was happy with the fit. Good bum coverage and it fits comfortably across the waist. They are a bit lower than where I typically like my knickers to hit. That is just personal preference though. I don’t think they are super low- honestly, in my post-kid days, I just tend to wear a higher line.
PDF underwear pattern
I’m excited to sew up a few more. I’m planning on using a tall stretch lace for the waist on my next pair. I think this pattern lends itself to some great fabric mixes and multiple band options to get you several different looks from fancy knickers to lounging day underwear. Like I said Underwear capsule lol!
Have you ever sewn up underwear? What’s stopping you? Grab Thread Faction’s Bespoke Knickers here.  (affiliate link) 
PDF underwear pattern

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  • Liz Elliott August 20, 2018, 6:09 pm

    These are great – everyone needs a fall capsule for knickers right?

  • Jessica August 26, 2018, 4:45 am

    These look great! I love the idea of undies for different seasons! 🙂 haha

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