Springtime Table Runner-Book Review

It is about this time of year, shortly after all the Christmas decorations are put to sleep for another year, that I get really anxious for spring.  Living my entire life in the midwest, I know spring is not going to arrive for quite some time.  So the next best thing is to give the house a little facelift.

I use runners all over my house. I love tables and trunks and use them in every room.  I love to quilt, but there comes a time when you just don’t need another quilt.  Enter table runners.  I can use up stash and finish a small project all at the same time!  BONUS! I went into my stash and pulled some of my favorite leftovers.

We finished a major addition/remodel late in the fall so this year I have a good excuse to make some new runners. Top it With a Runner (affiliate link) is a book that I have used in the past and went there again. The nice thing about this book is that there are a variety of methods used.  There are seven different runners. You can choose to appliqué, or the piecing method.  There are square motifs and triangle motifs.  This time I chose a bear paw pattern.  Back Country Bear Paw is a pattern designed for flannels.

I like to add my own flavor to any project.  So I mixed flannel, cotton and muslin in this runner.  I am quite pleased with the combination.

In this project some of my pieces do not quite match up.  I have gotten pretty good at trimming and making them work.  That is one of the benefits and pitfalls of multiple piecing.

Because our house has more of a country feel, I use a fair amount of muslin.  I keep a few yards on hand so I am not running out if I decide I need some.  I like the look that muslin gets after it is washed and dried.  I used muslin for all my background pieces. I ended up purchasing a contrast piece for the back and binding.This will make a perfect transition runner for the kitchen table. And because of husbands and grandchildren this will be in the laundry on a regular basis.  So even though all of my points are not perfect it is a perfect fit for our kitchen.

Do you have projects going to get you from Christmas to spring?

Happy Sewing, Donna


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  • Jenya February 12, 2018, 10:43 pm

    The table runner turned out beautiful!

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