Stuffed Animal Hamster and Mice – Squeak!

The easiest to care for pet! Sew your own softie hamster. These cute guys are easy to tweak to have their own individual personalities!

Summer vacations bring home my whole herd full time. While they’re here they tend to spend more time milling in and out of my sewing space. Which means,

1. I get much less sewing done in the summer and

2. There are many more requests. And they aren’t for practical t-shirts and shorts.

My kids think that sewing machine magic should be used to create stuffed animals.

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I begrudgingly agreed they could each choose a stuffed animal for me to sew them. Not that I mind making my kids things- but stuffed animals are not really my specialty. My daughter picked out this cute mouse pattern.

Mouse PDF pattern Hamster PDF pattern

To no one’s shock once the first mouse appeared EVERYONE NEEDED ONE. They are pretty cute, and luckily a fast sew. The pattern comes with a number of variations so that you can make your very own hamster, mouse, gerbil, chinchilla, or rodent-like animal of your preference.

Mouse PDF pattern Hamster PDF pattern

The general body stays the same. You just vary your ear size and placement and choose from your tail length. The pattern gives clear insturctions on how to achieve the look you’re going for.

I sewed all my mice/hamsters up with minky. I have to admit I use very very very little minky. It’s a bit of a mess to work with- but it’s got nothing on faux fur so it was a happy compromise.

Mouse PDF pattern Hamster PDF pattern

The pattern includes multiple video tutorials, handy for someone who is not a stuffed animal pro. She gives several good tips on how to make your little mouse animal look the most realistic. Honestly I did not do the extra steps. Not because they seemed hard or super time consuming but I was making my mice with elementary schoolers standing next to the machine shouting, ARE YOU DONE.

Mouse PDF pattern Hamster PDF pattern

They all opted for tiny tails. Mostly because I was rushing they are all filled to slightly different levels which gives them each their own personality. A happy accident I find rather entertaining.

I used bean bag fill which gives them a nice shape and a little bit of weight.

Mouse PDF pattern Hamster PDF pattern

I don’t usually have safety eyes on hand (we tend to go button eyes) but since we were going to buy Minky fabric I picked up a package of safety eyes. They were easy to install and I really like how they made our little mice look. My store didn’t have noses, but those would be cute too.

Mouse PDF pattern Hamster PDF pattern Mouse PDF pattern Hamster PDF pattern

There are two methods to attach the feet I totally used the hot glue gun option and felt weirdly guilty about it. And also oddly satisfied. DID YOU SEE I GLUED THAT. Sewing rebel!

Mouse PDF pattern Hamster PDF pattern

Have you made anything out of your comfort zone lately? This turned out to be the much easier stuffed animal chosen. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen sneak peeks of the horses I’ve been working on.

Mouse PDF pattern Hamster PDF pattern

Happy sewing,


Find the mouse pattern here.

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  • Chelle July 19, 2017, 4:30 pm

    SEW Cute!!! I am a Mouse Fan-atic & love x3 these critters!!! TFS!

  • Sue Volek July 19, 2017, 8:26 pm

    The stuffed mice are darling — can’t wait to make some! But is there a problem with the URL? I keep getting an Etsy error message when I try to download……thanks!


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