The Apron Skirt

The Apron Skirt Once Upon a Sewing Machine

The Apron Skirt Once Upon a Sewing Machine

Am I the only one with children who wander about with arms full of things? They walk around like mini pack mules! Well this little skirt will give my little one a place to stash her treasures and free up her hands to get her up and down stairs and other important tasks.

This project sort of wandered it’s way into being. It started with a fat quarter I’ve had lying around and the idea for a fun ribbon embellishment.

The Apron Skirt Once Upon a Sewing MachineI pinned the ribbon in place, but you could free hand it. I only stitched around the perimeter of the ribbon. How much you stitching you add is up to you, just make sure it is on there tight.

The Apron Skirt Once Upon a Sewing MachineI had made up the top of the bow with two layer originally. It didn’t look quite big enough compared to the base I built so I added a third loop when I attached it.

I didn’t want the wrong side of the fabric to be visible so i attached a back.

Apron Skirt Once Upon a Sewing MachineSew your pieces right side together. Leave an opening and turn the whole thing right side out. Press.

At this point I was still thinking I would add a waist band and make an apron. But I knew my littlest would never keep that ON. So my apron became a skirt!

Girls skirt

I cut a large rectangle (skirt) twice as long as my ribbon rectangle (pocket).

Full admission: Things kind of just worked out here. When I began I had a different plan in mind. That being said cutting the smaller piece (pocket) from a fat quarter dictated it was around 22″ long. Double that puts me at about 44″ for my large rectangle (skirt).  Which I know will be a great gathered width for my daughter’s 18″ waist.

See what I mean? Things kinda just worked out. But you can plan yours to work out and not have to put your faith in lady luck!

Making your pocket rectangle approximately the width of your waist measurement and the skirt about double that will give you a nice gather skirt with some fullness. Less width = less fullness.

I put a small hem on the bottom of the large rectangle. Then I matched the center front of each piece and pinned them wrong side pocket to right side skirt.

I turned over the outside edges on the left and right then stitched. This closed up the opening I used to turn my pocket! Your stitching line will go down each side and across the bottom.

Adding two evenly spaced stitching lines vertically creates 3 separate pockets.

The Apron Skirt Once Upon a Sewing Machine

Serged up my one seam (it will be in the center back). I knew I was making a skirt for carrying stuff, so I opted for an elastic waistband that was going to hold it’s own! After my back seam I turned over a 1 1/2″ casing for the waist band.

The Apron Skirt Once Upon a Sewing MachineLeave an opening in your waistband to feed your elastic through.

Stitch a line at the bottom AND across the top of your casing. That stitching line across the top will keep your elastic from rolling and moving all over the place.

Pull your elastic to it’s desired length and stitch it together. Tuck it into the waist band and stitch closed your waistband.

Apron Skirt Once Upon a Sewing Machine

A waistband hefty enough to serve it’s purpose: hold up a skirt and all of it’s hidden treasures.

Apron Skirt Once Upon a Sewing MachineWant to take a peek in the pockets? All ready to fill!

Apron Skirt Once Upon a Sewing MachineI’m going to tuck a pair of tights underneath for the cooler weather.

Apron Skirt Once Upon a Sewing MachineThe back of the skirt, that center back seam blends in pretty well especially when the skirt is on and she is moving.

The Apron Skirt Once Upon a Sewing MachineWhat does your child always want with them? I think she may try to jam a baby doll in there….

Happy Sewing,


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