Tutorial: Applying a knit neckband

how to apply a knit neckband

Your shirt is almost done, it’s time to add the neckband! Below Donna will give you a rundown on how to apply a knit neckband.

Before you get started:

I like to put the seam of my neckband in the center back. This is because I’m dealing with dressing 4 and 5 year olds. It helps give me or them a reference and a hope of getting the shirt on correctly in the bustle.

If you have an older child, or are more consistent at putting tags in than I am, one of our testers made the great suggestion of lining up your neckband seam with your shoulder seam. It blends in a little bit more there and gives you a clean smooth back neckline.

You’ll be using your neckband piece and your shirt assembled up until this point. Here we go!

Happy Sewing,

Rachel and Donna

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