Valentine Anywhere Dress

There are some times of year when it totally makes sense to make clothing for your children that are special. Christmas, weddings, times like those.  Normally I would not make a special outfit for Valentines Day but Ms M is REALLY into pink lately. It’s hard to get fabric approval on anything not pink, much to her mother’s dismay, I might add.  Makes fabric shopping a little more tricky!

I thought it would be fun to do something  for her for Valentine’s Day.  I did not want to go to far over the top and the Anywhere Dress is a good staple and it is designed for knits! (affiliate link)

Valentine's Day Anywhere Dress

I seem to be in a minority, but I love sewing with knits.  They are great in a child’s wardrobe because they wash and wear so easily!

I had this red (close enough to pink for M) micro fleece and I picked up a piece of valentine woven on sale.  I simply freehanded a heart and sewed it to the front of the dress using  a quilting specialty stitch on my machine.heart I think it is cute, and not too over the top that she should be able to wear this until spring.  Just to add a little variety I added a cuff to the end of the sleeve.  The cuff is woven and the dress is knit, so I was careful to cut the cuff the exact width of the bottom of the sleeve.  This gives her plenty of room to get her hand through and not restrict her wrist.

I sewed up a size 3 because M needs the length in the body. We’ve hit that tricky size transition time. Some 3s are huge and other patterns the 2 is tiny! Luckily the Anywhere Dress is a pattern we know so upsizing was safe. (affiliate) dress I have a feeling this will be an ongoing issue with M.  She LOVE’s it and that is what every grandma loves to hear.

I recently made a special St Patty’s Day dress for a friend’s granddaughter,  watch for more on that to come. Do you make outfits for your special little on holidays other than Christmas or family weddings?

Happy Sewing, Donna

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