Valentine Pin Cushion and Trinket Box

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Is you sewing table anything like mine?  Multiple projects going, stacks of fabric and pins! Pins, pins everywhere you look.  I have magnets for my pins and I have pin cushions for my pins, but sometimes you just need something cute to help you through.  Since Valentine’s day is right around the corner, I thought this would be the perfect excuse.

I found a small paper mache box at Hobby Lobby for just a couple of dollars.  All the Valentine’s fabric was already 60% off, so I picked up a half yard.  Now, I will admit that this project morphed as I went along.  Those are the best, don’t you think?

Want to make your own heart pincushion?  Here’s how.

box 1I cut a rectangle 14 inches by 6 inches.  Sew short ends RST to make a tube. This size rectangle works well for my small heart-shaped box.  You will need to adjust your rectangle if your box is bigger.

Paint white glue to the back and edges of your tube.  Then work the tube around the outside of the heart, folding in the edges as you go so that the joint between the sides and the inside bottom is covered.  Make sure you leave enough to just cover the edges of the bottom of the outside.  We will address those later.

box 6While your glue is drying, cut two heart-shaped pieces slightly larger than the base of your box.  I simply cut with pinking shears.  This will eliminate the fraying of woven fabric.  The glue will also seal the edges, so there is no need to finish them.

box 4box 5Glue one heart shape to the bottom of the box enclosing the  ends from your tube.  The second heart will go inside the box to cover the bottom.  You may need to trim this down depending on how much bulk you have from your covering.  Glue in place.

Paint the cover red.  While that is drying cut 2 more hearts and sew them RST leaving a small opening to turn.  Turn and stuff with poly-fill.  Slop stitch opening closed.
box 8Take your hot glue gun and attach your stuffed heart to the cover. You are finished!  Add some small buttons or needles to the inside and use the top as a 9box 10

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