Varsity Cowl Neck Review- KCWC Day 5

Sewing project

KCWC is flying!! Can you believe we are on day 5? How is your list going? We are doing ok here, and I just checked off two tops I’ve been really excited to get sewn up.

Recently I picked up the Varsity Cowl Neck pattern. Now I bought it with my little boy in mind, but as I was sorting through fabric and prepping for the week I thought why not put one together for her too! (Have you noticed I’m a big fan of patterns that work for both genders)

Miss M’s is in two really comfy knits.

Sewing Project
The little man picked out some tractor fleece awhile back. He was really sold on it. This seemed like a great home for it.Sewing Project

This is the new thing- it’s his “smile” for the camera. Sigh. He’s looking more and more like a preschooler everyday!

Sewing ProjectGot some work to do mom- no time for pictures. I lined up my pattern pieces so I got a full tractor centered in the front and back.

So how was the pattern?


  • You sew this ENTIRE project on your serger. Do you need a serger? Not at all. But man it is nice to not have to swap machines.
  • It’s a fast sew, and appropriate for beginner and up sewers. My pattern and fabric were cut, but the sewing portion of this probably took about 20 minutes. (My first one took longer)  Did I mention you can use your serger for the ENTIRE project.
  • You don’t need any notions. A chunk of fabric and thread- you are good to go. Nice if you want a last minute project.
  • It’s gender neutral. I can use it for both my kids, I like that.

Watch Out For

  • The knit top sized as I was expecting. I think if I make another one in fleece I will size up. I have sewn very little in fleece- so maybe that is something I should have thought of!
  • It turns out I’m not super in love with fleece. The cowl neck creates 3 layers to sew through. That gets pretty thick (ie hard to sew) with a bulky fleece.
  • The directions are clear- but for some reason I was having trouble getting things correct sides together the first time through. This style of neck is new for me and I think I didn’t have the process quite right in my head until I did it once. It could be Kids Clothes Sewing Challenge finally catching up to my brain!

Will I sew it again? Yep! I think this is going to be a staple at our house. If you would like to give this pattern a try you can find it here Varsity Cowl Neck pattern

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