Wild Giraffe on the Loose!

When my grandson requested to be a giraffe at Halloween, he could not be dissuaded.  Rachel has made costumes for her kids for years, so I was excited that this little guy wanted me to make his costume.

Off to the drawing board I went.  In the midwest, Halloween can be a miserable weather day.  We could get rain or snow or wind or 30 degrees or  a combination of all of the above!  If we take the kids out to go Trick or Treating we usually have our littles wear their regular clothing under their costumes.  Even for school, community  or church parties, the costumes need to be easy on easy off.  This post contains affiliates.giraffe 1

L is short for his age but otherwise pretty averagely proportioned.  I started with the Classic Footed PJ’s from Peek-a-Boo Patterns.  I used a no-pill fleece that was on sale at JoAnn Fabrics and cut a size 4, which is a size larger than he usually wears.

I made up the pj’s and cut the leg straight instead of adding the feet using a 20 inch zipper, as directed.  It does not go all the way down the leg, but I knew it would be enough for him to be able to get in and out of it by himself.

I planned that there would be some roll over on the pant cuffs the sleeves,  but that will  allow  for a little extra warmth.   The suit is perfect,  with room for a t shirt and jogging pants underneath.

I self drafted a hood and added ears and horns.  In order to get the ears to stand straight out, I added 2 layers of interfacing to the back of the fleece ear and put a layer of felt between two layers of fleece.  Once his little head got in the hood they stood out perfectly.  It closes under his chin with a velcro closure.

Add a tail, lightly stuffed with polyester fiber fill and the look is complete!  He loves the tail with its little fringe that mimics the coarse hair on the giraffe tail.

giraffe 2 (1) L is a silly little guy who can make any photo shoot fun!giraffe 3

When my kids were little, we usually bought inexpensive costumes at the Five and Dime (a very old term for a variety store with lots of junk.)

When the big pattern companies came out with patterns for costumes, they were just too involved and to expensive for a mom with four young kids that needed costumes.  There are a lot of good patterns out there now and with the simplicity of PDF’s it is easier than ever to adapt a pattern in your file for any kind of request that may come along.

There is still time to get your costume done.  Do you sew your little’s costume or do you purchase a RTW?

Happy Sewing, Donna

Pattern: Peek a Boo Footed PJs

Fabric: Jo-ann’s

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