Your Handmade Christmas Elf

Welcome Blog hoppers on the advent sewing/craft tour. Today we’re going to share a template and tutorial for this little guy-

Handmade Elf, Once Upon a Sewing Machine


At this time of year we all have our favorite Christmas projects. Traditions and customs change over the years, and there are some that will stay in families from generation to generation.

When our children were young they always looked forward to St. Nick’s on Dec. 6. The tradition is for the children to leave their stockings out on the eve of the feast and St Nick would stop and fill them with goodies. The Dutch have a tradition where they children leave wooden shoes outside their doors and they would be filled with goodies.

More recently the elf on the shelf is making a resurgence. Elves have always been an important part of the Christmas tradition. Santa has elves that help him keep track of all the naughty and nice children. This rich tradition of elves has always been a favorite.

Of course elves can be purchased or handed down from generation to generation. If you have young children, perhaps you would like to make your own.

This is our take on the popular little elf guy. Cut all of your pieces per the template. I have used some scraps of muslin that I had in my stash for the arms, legs and head.

Then you will need a body, a hat and boots. I again used scraps of Christmas fabric from my stash.

Turn under 1/4 inch on boot top and top stitch to the leg.

Sew your arms and legs RST(right sides together) using a 1/8 inch seam.

handmade elf

Turn RSO (right sides out) and stuff.

I used fiberfill and a scissors to push the fiberfill into to corners leaving a small space at the top, so you can attach them to the body.

stuffed elf

You will now sew the body, RST leaving openings on the side for the arms and an
opening on the top to insert the head. Leave the bottom open.

Insert the arms and top stitch the sides closed.

make my own elf

Place legs at bottom corners of body, pin and top stitch closed.

christmas project

Stuff your little square body. I used fiberfill, want to make him heavier, you could make him a bean bag.

Sew buttons on the face and use a short running stitch to make a mouth if so desired.

Sew the head pieces RST leaving an opening on the bottom to stuff. Stuff the head with fiberfill rounding it out as you go.

Insert head into top opening of body and top stitch closed.

stuffed elf

You now have a completed body.

Cut a length of ribbon for your bow tie. Fold in thirds and stitch down the center.

elf bow tie

Attach to the neck by hand.

Sew the hat RST. Turn. Press under 1/4 inch on base of hat and hand stitch to the elf’s head.

Attach a bell to the tip of the hat. Sit your finished elf on a shelf. Or just hug him!

handmade elf

Enjoy! What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?

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